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The Technological Transformation Process for Dynamic Capabilities in Business Operations (2024) Bodendorf F, Franke J Journal article Examining the dynamics of bargaining power in buyer-supplier negotiations: insights from a case study in the German automotive industry (2024) Bodendorf F, Franke J Journal article Digitally enabled supply chain integration through business and process analytics (2023) Bodendorf F, Dentler S, Franke J Journal article A mixed methods approach to analyze and predict supply disruptions by combining causal inference and deep learning (2023) Bodendorf F, Sauter M, Franke J Journal article A multi-perspective approach to support collaborative cost management in supplier-buyer dyads (2022) Bodendorf F, Xie Q, Merkl P, Franke J Journal article Analyzing and evaluating supplier carbon footprints in supply networks (2022) Bodendorf F, Dimitrov G, Franke J Journal article Indicators and countermeasures of modern slavery in global supply chains: Pathway to a social supply chain management framework (2022) Bodendorf F, Wonn F, Simon K, Franke J Journal article Multi-perspective analysis of monetary effects of information sharing between supply chain partners (2022) Bodendorf F, Franke J Journal article Information Asymmetry in Business-to-Business Negotiations: A Game Theoretical Approach to Support Purchasing Decisions with Suppliers (2022) Bodendorf F, Hollweck B, Franke J Journal article Scientific Approaches and Methodology to Determine the Value of Data as an Asset and Use Case in the Automotive Industry (2022) Bodendorf F, Dehmel K, Franke J Conference contribution
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