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Influence of tin oxide decoration on the junction conductivity of silver nanowires (2023) Vogl L, Kalancha V, Schweizer P, Denninger P, Wu M, Brabec C, Forberich K, Spiecker E Journal article Atomically resolved TEM imaging of covalently functionalised graphene (2022) Dolle C, Schweizer P, Dasler D, Gsänger S, Maidl R, Abellán G, Hauke F, et al. Journal article Sensing Capabilities of Single Nanowires Studied with Correlative in Situ Light and Electron Microscopy (2022) Vogl L, Schweizer P, Denninger P, Richter G, Spiecker E Journal article Effect of size and shape on the elastic modulus of metal nanowires (2021) Vogl L, Schweizer P, Richter G, Spiecker E Journal article Microscopic Deformation Modes and Impact of Network Anisotropy on the Mechanical and Electrical Performance of Five-fold Twinned Silver Nanowire Electrodes (2020) Schrenker N, Xie Z, Schweizer P, Moninger M, Werner F, Karpstein N, Mackovic M, et al. Journal article Buried Microphase Separation by Dynamic Interplay of Crystallization and Microphase Separation in Semicrystalline PEO-Rich PS-b-PEO Block Copolymer Thin Films (2020) Rejek T, Schweizer P, Joch D, Portilla L, Spiecker E, Halik M Journal article Low energy nano diffraction (LEND) – A versatile diffraction technique in SEM (2020) Schweizer P, Denninger P, Dolle C, Spiecker E Journal article Mechanical cleaning of graphene using in situ electron microscopy (2020) Schweizer P, Dolle C, Dasler D, Abellán G, Hauke F, Hirsch A, Spiecker E Journal article Mechanical and Electrical Failure of Silver Nanowire Electrodes: A Scale Bridging In Situ Electron Microscopy Study (2019) Schrenker N, Schweizer P, Moninger M, Karpstein N, Mackovic M, Spyropoulos G, Göbelt M, et al. Journal article, Original article Transforming layered MoS2 into functional MoO2 nanowires (2019) Vogl L, Schweizer P, Wu M, Spiecker E Journal article, Original article
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