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Migrating Shear Bands in Shaken Granular Matter (2020) Kollmer J, Shreve T, Claussen J, Gerth S, Salamon M, Uhlmann N, Schröter M, Pöschel T Journal article Structural similarity between dry and wet sphere packings (2019) Weis S, Schröder-Turk G, Schröter M Journal article Correction of beam hardening in X-ray radiograms (2019) Baur M, Uhlmann N, Pöschel T, Schröter M Journal article Analyzing X-ray tomographies of granular packings (2017) Weis S, Schröter M Journal article Focus on imaging methods in granular physics (2017) Amon A, Born P, Daniels K, Dijksman J, Huang K, Parker D, Schröter M, et al. Journal article, Review article High refractive index immersion liquid for superresolution 3D imaging using sapphire-based aplanatic numerical aperture increasing lens optics (2016) Laskar JM, Kumar PS, Herminghaus S, Daniels KE, Schröter M Journal article, Original article Upper bound on the Edwards entropy in frictional monodisperse hard-sphere packings (2016) Schröter M, Baranau V, Zhao SC, Scheel M, Tallarek U Journal article, Original article Non-universal Voronoi cell shapes in amorphous ellipsoid packs (2015) Schröter M, Schaller F, Kapfer S, Hilton JE, Cleary PW, Mecke K, de Michele C, et al. Journal article, Original article Neutron Tomography as a Tool to Study Immiscible Fluids in Porous Media without Chemical Dopants (2015) Schröter M, Murison J, Moosavi R, Schulz M, Schillinger B Journal article, Original article The mechanism of long-term coarsening of granular mixtures in rotating drums (2015) Schröter M, Finger T, Stannarius R Journal article, Original article
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