Analyzing X-ray tomographies of granular packings

Weis S, Schröter M (2017)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2017


Book Volume: 88

Article Number: 051809

Journal Issue: 5

DOI: 10.1063/1.4983051


Starting from three-dimensional volume data of a granular packing, as, e.g., obtained by X-ray Computed Tomography, we discuss methods to first detect the individual particles in the sample and then analyze their properties. This analysis includes the pair correlation function, the volume and shape of the Voronoi cells, and the number and type of contacts formed between individual particles. We mainly focus on packings of monodisperse spheres, but we will also comment on other monoschematic particles such as ellipsoids and tetrahedra. This paper is accompanied by a package of free software containing all programs (including source code) and an example three-dimensional dataset which allows the reader to reproduce and modify all examples given.

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Weis, S., & Schröter, M. (2017). Analyzing X-ray tomographies of granular packings. Review of Scientific Instruments, 88(5).


Weis, Simon, and Matthias Schröter. "Analyzing X-ray tomographies of granular packings." Review of Scientific Instruments 88.5 (2017).

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