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MiniMelt: An instrument for real-time tracking of electron beam additive manufacturing using synchrotron x-ray techniques (2023) König HH, Semjatov N, Spartacus G, Bidola P, Ioannidou C, Ye J, Renner J, et al. Journal article Optical measurement of the work function and the field reduction factor of metallic needle tips (2023) Meier S, Heimerl J, Dienstbier P, Hommelhoff P Journal article Spreading of droplets under various gravitational accelerations (2022) D'Angelo O, Kuthe F, Van Nieuwland K, Janssen CE, Voigtmann T, Jalaal M Journal article A combined rotating disk electrode-surface x-ray diffraction setup for surface structure characterization in electrocatalysis (2022) Jacobse L, Schuster R, Pfrommer J, Deng X, Dolling S, Weber T, Gutowski O, et al. Journal article Revealing dynamic processes in laser powder bed fusion with in situ X-ray diffraction at PETRA III (2022) Krohmer E, Schmeiser F, Wahlmann B, Rosigkeit J, Graf G, Spoerk-Erdely P, Clemens H, et al. Journal article Ultra-high vacuum cleaver for the preparation of ionic crystal surfaces (2022) Sander T, LIU Y, Pham T, Ammon MM, Devarajulu M, Maier S Journal article Spreading of droplets under various gravitational accelerations: the VIP-DROP2 module (2022) Lopez-D'Angelo O, Kuthe F, van Nieuwland K, Ederveen Janssen C, Voigtmann T, Jalaal M Journal article, Original article Laboratory setup for extreme ultraviolet coherence tomography driven by a high-harmonic source (2019) Nathanael J, Wuensche M, Fuchs S, Weber T, Abel JJ, Reinhard J, Wiesner F, et al. Journal article Optimization of in vivo murine X-ray dark-field computed tomography (2019) Umkehrer S, Birnbacher L, Burkhardt R, Von Teuffenbach M, Yildirim AO, Pfeiffer D, Herzen J, Pfeiffer F Journal article A fully automated dual-tip scanning near-field optical microscope for localized optical excitation and detection in the visible and near-infrared (2019) Abbasirad N, Berzins J, Kollin K, Saravi S, Janunts N, Setzpfandt F, Pertsch T Journal article