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Emergence of novel ST1299 vanA lineages as possible cause for the striking rise of vancomycin resistance among invasive strains of Enterococcus faecium at a German university hospital (2023) Valenza G, Eisenberger D, Voigtländer S, Alsalameh R, Gerlach R, Koch S, Kunz B, et al. Journal article β-(1→3)-D-glucan- and mannan-guided early termination of antifungal therapy in ICU patients: a randomized controlled study (2023) Erb T, Mihai S, Strauss R, Herbst L, Castellanos I, Diesch K, Cipa F, et al. Journal article Application of Next-Generation Sequencing to Enterobacter Hormaechei Subspecies Analysis during a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Outbreak (2023) Morhart P, Gerlach R, Kunz C, Held J, Valenza G, Wölfle J, Reutter HM, et al. Journal article Evaluating the Use of Neonatal Colonization Screening for Empiric Antibiotic Therapy of Sepsis and Pneumonia (2023) Bär A, Schmitt-Grohé S, Held J, Lubig J, Hanslik G, Fahlbusch F, Reutter HM, et al. Journal article Detailed β-(1→3)-D-glucan and mannan antigen kinetics in patients with candidemia (2023) Träger J, Dräger S, Mihai S, Cipa F, Grawitz AB, Epting T, Meyer R, et al. Journal article Rapid phenotypic antimicrobial susceptibility testing of Gram-negative rods directly from positive blood cultures using the novel Q-linea ASTar system (2023) Esse J, Träger J, Valenza G, Bogdan C, Held J Journal article Class switch towards non-inflammatory, spike-specific IgG4 antibodies after repeated SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination (2022) Irrgang P, Gerling J, Kocher K, Lapuente D, Steininger P, Habenicht KM, Wytopil M, et al. Journal article Ex vivo metabolic profiling of physiological human T cell responses (2022) Schuster EM, Frischholz S, Schuelein C, Alsalameh R, Esse J, Bogdan C, Held J, Schober K Conference contribution Dynamics of humoral and cellular immune responses after homologous and heterologous SARS-CoV-2 vaccination with ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 and BNT162b2 (2022) Vogel E, Kocher K, Priller A, Cheng CC, Steininger P, Liao BH, Körber N, et al. Journal article First two years of data curation by the German national candidemia surveillance network: New insights into epidemiology and resistance (2022) Aldejohann AM, Wallstabe J, Reinhardt M, Martin R, Elias J, Mattwich C, Hamprecht A, et al. Conference contribution
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