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Variations in preservation of exceptional fossils within concretions (2023) Saleh F, Clements T, Perrier V, Daley AC, Antcliffe JB Journal article Identification of PCPE-2 as the endogenous specific inhibitor of human BMP-1/tolloid-like proteinases (2023) Vadon-Le Goff S, Tessier A, Napoli M, Dieryckx C, Bauer J, Dussoyer M, Lagoutte P, et al. Journal article N-Heterocyclic carbene-based porous polymer macroligand for the Ni-catalyzed C-H arylation of benzothiophenes (2023) Samanta P, Beucher R, Kumari Riddhi R, Ranscht A, Wisser FM, Quadrelli EA, Canivet J Journal article Structure, Location, and Spatial Proximities of Hydroxyls on γ-Alumina Crystallites by High-Resolution Solid-State NMR and DFT Modeling: Why Edges Hold the Key (2023) Batista AT, Pigeon T, Meyet J, Wisser D, Rivallan M, Gajan D, Catita L, et al. Journal article Heterogenized Molecular Rhodium Phosphine Catalysts within Metal-Organic Frameworks for Alkene Hydroformylation (2023) Samanta P, Solé-Daura A, Rajapaksha R, Wisser FM, Meunier F, Schuurman Y, Sassoye C, et al. Journal article Targeted long-read sequencing of the Ewing sarcoma 6p25.1 susceptibility locus identifies germline-somatic interactions with EWSR1-FLI1 binding (2023) Lee OW, Rodrigues C, Lin SH, Luo W, Jones K, Brown DW, Zhou W, et al. Journal article Nickel-Catalyzed Direct Arylation Polymerization for the Synthesis of Thiophene-Based Cross-linked Polymers (2023) Mohr Y, Ranscht A, Fávaro MA, Quadrelli EA, Wisser FM, Canivet J Journal article Pyrene- and Bipyridine-based Covalent Triazine Framework as Versatile Platform for Photocatalytic Solar Fuels Production (2023) Fávaro MA, Yang J, Ditz D, Küçükkeçeci H, Alkhurisi MH, Bergwinkl S, Thomas A, et al. Journal article Molecular Rhodium Complex within N-Rich Porous Polymer Macroligand as Heterogeneous Catalyst for the Visible-Light Driven CO2 Photoreduction (2023) Newar R, Ghosh AC, Kumari Riddhi R, Rajapaksha R, Samanta P, Wisser FM, Canivet J Journal article Finding the Sweet Spot of Photocatalysis-A Case Study Using Bipyridine-Based CTFs (2022) Fávaro MA, Ditz D, Yang J, Bergwinkl S, Ghosh AC, Stammler MB, Lorentz C, et al. Journal article
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