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Location: Bab Azwâr, Algeria (DZ) DZ

ISNI: 0000000122931293


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Human Activity Recognition based on the Fading characteristics of the On-body Channel (2022) Dib W, Ghanem K, Ababou A, Eskofier B Journal article The Pb-Zn (Ba) Nonsulfide Mineralizations at Bou Caïd (Ouarsenis, Algeria): Mineralogy, Isotope Geochemistry, and Genetic Inferences (2021) Louha H, Balassone G, Boutaleb A, Boni M, Joachimski M, Mondillo N Journal article, Original article Cenomanian (Upper Cretaceous) bivalves from the Hameimat Massifs, north of Tebessa, Algeria: Systematics, biostratigraphy, palaeoecological and taphonomical remarks Bivalves cénomaniens (Crétacé supérieur) des Massifs de Hamiemat, nord de Tébessa, Algérie : Systématique, biostratigraphie, et implications paléoécologiques et taphonomiques (2021) Mendir S, Salmi-Laouar S, El Qot GM, Ayoub-Hannaa W, Ferré B Journal article Isoscalar monopole and dipole transitions in Mg 24, Mg 26, and Si 28 (2021) Adsley P, Nesterenko VO, Kimura M, Donaldson LM, Neveling R, Brümmer JW, Jenkins DG, et al. Journal article Receive Signal Strength- Based Human Activity Recognition (2021) Dib W, Ghanem K, Ababou A, Nedil M, Eskofier B Conference contribution Identification of individuals through a new Gait Recognition Method (2021) Dib W, Ghanem K, Nedil M, Ababou A, Eskofier B Conference contribution Tracking rower motion without on-body sensors using an instrumented machine and an artificial neural network (2021) BenSiSaid K, Ababou N, Ababou A, Roth D, von Mammen S Journal article TWO RECONSTRUCTIONS OF AUGUST-JULY PRECIPITATION FOR CENTRAL NORTHERN ARIZONA FROM TREE RINGS (2019) Fletcher T, Touchan R, Lepley K, Rouini N, Bloye R, Tremarelli TS, PEÑA K, Meko DM Journal article Sparse Reconstruction Challenge for diffusion MRI: Validation on a physical phantom to determine which acquisition scheme and analysis method to use? (2015) Ning L, Laun FB, Gur Y, Dibella EVR, Deslauriers-Gauthier S, Megherbi T, Ghosh A, et al. Journal article