Leibniz-Institut für innovative Mikroelektronik / IHP GmbH - Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics

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Location: Frankfurt (Oder), Germany (DE) DE

ISNI: 0000000101426781

ROR: https://ror.org/0489gab80

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Strain Engineered Electrically Pumped SiGeSn Microring Lasers on Si (2022) Marzban B, Seidel L, Liu T, Wu K, Kiyek V, Zoellner MH, Ikonic Z, et al. Journal article Quantitative protein sensing with germanium THz-antennas manufactured using CMOS processes (2022) Hardt E, Chavarin CA, Gruessing S, Flesch J, Skibitzki O, Spirito D, Vita GM, et al. Journal article Terahertz subwavelength sensing with bio-functionalized germanium fano-resonators (2022) Chavarin CA, Hardt E, Skibitzki O, Voss T, Eissa M, Spirito D, Capellini G, et al. Journal article Towards a multisensor station for automated biodiversity monitoring (2022) Wägele JW, Bodesheim P, Bourlat SJ, Denzler J, Diepenbroek M, Fonseca V, Frommolt KH, et al. Journal article Electroluminescence of SixGe1-x-ySny / Ge1-ySny pin-Diodes Grown on a GeSn Buffer (2022) Seidel L, Schafer S, Oehme M, Buca D, Capellini G, Schulze J, Schwarz D Conference contribution Electrically pumped SiGeSn microring lasers (2022) Marzban B, Seidel L, Liu T, Kiyek V, Wu K, Zollner MH, Ikonik Z, et al. Conference contribution Modeling and design of an electrically pumped SiGeSn microring laser (2022) Marzban B, Seidel L, Kiyek V, Liu T, Zöllner M, Ikonic Z, Capellini G, et al. Conference contribution Raman shifts in MBE-grown SixGex1 − − ySny alloys with large Si content (2021) Schlipf J, Tetzner H, Spirito D, Manganelli CL, Capellini G, Huang MRS, Koch CT, et al. Journal article n-type Ge/Si antennas for THz sensing (2021) Chavarin CA, Hardt E, Gruessing S, Skibitzki O, Costina , Spirito D, Seifert W, et al. Journal article Toward Reliable Compact Modeling of Multilevel 1T-1R RRAM Devices for Neuromorphic Systems (2021) Perez-Bosch Quesada E, Romero-Zaliz R, Perez E, Kalishettyhalli Mahadevaiah M, Reuben JR, Schubert MA, Jimenez-Molinos F, et al. Journal article
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