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Non-Overlapping Domain Decomposition for 1D Optimal Control Problems Governed by Time-Fractional Diffusion Equations on Coupled Domains: Optimality System and Virtual Controls (2024) Leugering G, Mehandiratta V, Mehra M Journal article Lead-Free Cs3Bi2I9 Perovskite-Like Material as Efficient Photocatalyst for Improved Hydrogen Evolution in Presence of Platinum Co-Catalyst (2023) Niyitanga T, Raza W, Ahmad K, Alsulmi A, Kim H Journal article Design and fabrication of MnO2 @ZIF-8 composite for electrochemical sensing of environment pollutant hydrogen peroxide (2023) Ahmad K, Raza W, Alsulmi A, Kim H Journal article Improved hydrogen production using lead-free and air stable perovskite-like Cs3Sb2I9 (2023) Ahmad K, Raza W, Alsulmi A, Kim H Journal article Designing of Ag decorated ZnO catalyst for on-demand and sustainable H2 production at room temperature (2023) Raza W, Ahmad K, Alharethy F, Kim H Journal article “So what if ChatGPT wrote it?” Multidisciplinary perspectives on opportunities, challenges and implications of generative conversational AI for research, practice and policy (2023) Dwivedi YK, Kshetri N, Hughes L, Slade EL, Jeyaraj A, Kar AK, Baabdullah AM, et al. Journal article Modeling surface tension in Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics using Young-Laplace pressure boundary condition (2023) Blank M, Nair P, Pöschel T Journal article Self-assembly of plasmonic nanoparticles on optical fiber end face (2023) Kularia M, Aftenieva O, Sarkar S, Steiner AM, Gupta V, Fery A, Joseph J, et al. Journal article Ag decorated ZnO for enhanced photocatalytic H2 generation and pollutant degradation (2023) Raza W, Ahmad K, Khan RA, Kim H Journal article Mechanochemical Synthesis of Lead-Free Perovskite-Like MA3Bi2I9 for Photo-Catalytic Hydrogen Production (2023) Ahmad K, Raza W, Kumar P, Khan MQ, Alsalme A, Kim H Journal article