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In-situ quality assurance for electron-based additive manufacturing by electron optical observation (2023) Franke M, Arnold C, Körner C Journal article Impact of the acceleration voltage on the processing of γ-TiAl via electron beam powder bed fusion (2023) Reith M, Franke M, Körner C Journal article Impact of the Power-Dependent Beam Diameter during Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing: A Case Study with γ-TiAl (2022) Reith M, Breuning C, Franke M, Körner C Journal article In-situ aluminum control for titanium aluminide via electron beam powder bed fusion to realize a dual microstructure (2022) Knoerlein J, Franke MM, Schloffer M, Körner C Journal article Correlation of powder degradation, energy absorption and gas pore formation in laser-based powder bed fusion process of AlSi10Mg0.4 (2022) Fiegl T, Franke M, Körner C Journal article A novel approach for powder bed-based additive manufacturing of compositionally graded composites (2022) Fu Z, Ye J, Franke M, Körner C Journal article Effect of AlSi10Mg0.4 long-term reused powder in PBF-LB/M on the mechanical properties (2021) Fiegl T, Franke M, Raza A, Hryha E, Körner C Journal article Model Approach for Displaying Dynamic Filament Displacement during Impregnation of Continuous Fibres Based on the Theory of Similarity - Theory and Modelling (2021) Schulte-Hubbert F, Drummer D, Hoffmann L Journal article Degradation of AlSi10Mg powder during laser based powder bed fusion processing (2021) Raza A, Fiegl T, Hanif I, Markström A, Franke M, Körner C, Hryha E Journal article Increasing the performance of continuous compression moulding by local pressure adaption (2021) Piott F, Krämer A, Lück A, Hoffmann L, Mitschang P, Drummer D Journal article
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