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An immuno-epidemiological model with waning immunity after infection or vaccination (2024) Angelov G, Kovacevic R, Stilianakis NI, Veliov VM Journal article A mathematical model for the within-host (re)infection dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 (2024) Schuh L, Markov PV, Veliov VM, Stilianakis NI Journal article Zugang zu Forschungsdaten in den D-A-CH-Ländern: Eine Vermessung der (Un-)Zufriedenheit (2024) Chaskel R, Getzner M, Fürnkranz-Prskawetz A, Riphahn RT, Schmidheiny K Journal article Numerical study of novel OME1−6 combustion mechanism and spray combustion at changed ambient environments (2024) Wiesmann F, Han D, Qiu Z, Strauß L, Rieß S, Wensing M, Lauer T Journal article Metrics reloaded: recommendations for image analysis validation (2024) Maier-Hein L, Reinke A, Godau P, Tizabi MD, Buettner F, Christodoulou E, Glocker B, et al. Journal article Mott transition and pseudogap of the square-lattice Hubbard model: Results from center-focused cellular dynamical mean-field theory (2024) Meixner M, Menke H, Klett M, Heinzelmann S, Andergassen S, Hansmann P, Schäfer T Journal article Advances in Direct and Large-Eddy Simulations (2024) Marchioli C, García-Villalba M, Salvetti MV, Schlatter P Journal article A spatial epidemic model with contact and mobility restrictions (2024) Ferraccioli F, Stilianakis NI, Veliov VM Journal article High-temperature oxidation resistance of ternary and quaternary Cr-(Mo)-Si-B2-z coatings — Influence of Mo addition (2023) Bahr A, Glechner T, Grimmer A, Wojcik T, Kutrowatz P, Podsednik M, Limbeck A, et al. Journal article Developing Team Design Patterns for Hybrid Intelligence Systems (2023) Van Zoelen E, Mioch T, Tajaddini M, Fleiner C, Tsaneva S, Camin P, Gouvêa TS, et al. Book chapter / Article in edited volumes