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Water Conservation Overrides Osmotic Diuresis During SGLT2 Inhibition in Patients With Heart Failure (2024) Marton A, Saffari SE, Rauh M, Sun RN, Nagel AM, Linz P, Lim TT, et al. Journal article, Original article Epicutaneous Application of Imiquimod to Model Psoriasis-Like Skin Disease Induces Water-Saving Aestivation Motifs and Vascular Inflammation (2022) Wild J, Ringen J, Bieler T, Knopp T, Lagrange J, Molitor M, Sies K, et al. Journal article Hepatocellular carcinoma induces body mass loss in parallel with osmolyte and water retention in rats (2022) Kidoguchi S, Kitada K, Nakajima K, Nakano D, Ohsaki H, Kittikulsuth W, Kobara H, et al. Journal article KEYNOTE-522: Phase III study of neoadjuvant pembrolizumab D chemotherapy vs. placebo D chemotherapy, followed by adjuvant pembrolizumab vs. placebo for earlystage TNBC (2021) Schmid P, Cortes J, Dent R, Pusztai L, Mcarthur H, Kummel S, Bergh J, et al. Conference contribution Association of Rare CYP39A1 Variants with Exfoliation Syndrome Involving the Anterior Chamber of the Eye (2021) Li Z, Wang Z, Lee MC, Zenkel M, Peh E, Ozaki M, Topouzis F, et al. Journal article Adaptive physiological water conservation explains hypertension and muscle catabolism in experimental chronic renal failure (2021) Kovarik J, Morisawa N, Wild J, Marton A, Takase-Minegishi K, Minegishi S, Daub S, et al. Journal article Aestivation motifs explain hypertension and muscle mass loss in mice with psoriatic skin barrier defect (2021) Wild J, Jung R, Knopp T, Efentakis P, Benaki D, Grill A, Wegner J, et al. Journal article Incorporating kidney disease measures into cardiovascular risk prediction: Development and validation in 9 million adults from 72 datasets (2020) Matsushita K, Jassal SK, Sang Y, Ballew SH, Grams ME, Surapaneni A, Arnlov J, et al. Journal article Sodium Handling and Interaction in Numerous Organs (2020) Minegishi S, Luft FC, Titze J, Kitada K Journal article NCX1 represents an ionic Na+ sensing mechanism in macrophages (2020) Neubert P, Homann A, Wendelborn D, Bär AL, Krampert L, Trum M, Schröder A, et al. Journal article