Soochow University, Suzhou / 苏州大学

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Location: Soochow University, Suzhou, China (CN) CN

ISNI: 0000000101980694


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Volatile Perovskite Precursor Ink Enables Window Printing of Phase-Pure FAPbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells and Modules in Ambient Atmosphere (2024) Yuan L, Chen X, Guo X, Huang S, Wu X, Shen Y, Gu H, et al. Journal article In Situ Probing the Crystallization Kinetics in Gas-Quenching-Assisted Coating of Perovskite Films (2024) Qiu S, Majewski M, Dong L, Jang D, Le Corre VM, García Cerrillo J, Ronsin OJ, et al. Journal article Suppression of phase segregation in wide-bandgap perovskites with thiocyanate ions for perovskite/organic tandems with 25.06% efficiency (2024) Zhang Z, Chen W, Jiang X, Cao J, Yang H, Chen H, Yang F, et al. Journal article Gradient bandgap modification for highly efficient carrier transport in antimony sulfide-selenide tandem solar cells (2022) Cao Y, Liu C, Yang T, Zhao Y, Na Y, Jiang C, Zhou J, et al. Journal article Immune response in COVID-19: what is next? (2022) Li Q, Wang Y, Sun Q, Knopf J, Herrmann M, Lin L, Jiang J, et al. Journal article, Review article Atomic Sn–enabled high-utilization, large-capacity, and long-life Na anode (2022) Xu F, Qu C, Lu Q, Meng J, Zhang X, Xu X, Qiu Y, et al. Journal article An effective formaldehyde gas sensor based on oxygen-rich three-dimensional graphene (2022) Zhang S, Pang J, Li Y, Ibarlucea B, Liu Y, Wang T, Liu X, et al. Journal article A wafer-scale two-dimensional platinum monosulfide ultrathin film: Via metal sulfurization for high performance photoelectronics (2022) Pang J, Wang Y, Yang X, Zhang L, Li Y, Zhang Y, Yang J, et al. Journal article Applications of nanogenerators for biomedical engineering and healthcare systems (2022) Wang W, Pang J, Su J, Li F, Li Q, Wang X, Wang J, et al. Journal article, Review article High-speed sequential deposition of photoactive layers for organic solar cell manufacturing (2022) Sun R, Wang T, Yang X, Wu Y, Wang Y, Wu Q, Zhang M, et al. Journal article
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