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Evidence of Magnon-Mediated Orbital Magnetism in a Quasi-2D Topological Magnon Insulator (2022) Alahmed L, Zhang X, Wen J, Xiong Y, Li Y, Zhang LC, Lux F, et al. Journal article Geochemistry of serpentinized and multiphase altered Atlantis Massif peridotites (IODP Expedition 357): Petrogenesis and discrimination of melt-rock vs. fluid-rock processes (2022) Whattam SA, Frueh-Green GL, Cannat M, De Hoog JCM, Schwarzenbach EM, Escartin J, John BE, et al. Journal article Diquinol Functionality Boosts the Superoxide Dismutase Mimicry of a Zn(II) Complex with a Redox-Active Ligand while Maintaining Catalyst Stability and Enhanced Activity in Phosphate Solution (2022) Moore JL, Oppelt J, Senft L, Franke A, Scheitler A, Dukes MW, Alix HB, et al. Journal article A Highly Water- and Air-Stable Iron-Containing MRI Contrast Agent Sensor for H2O2 (2022) Karbalaei S, Franke A, Jordan A, Rose C, Pokkuluri PR, Beyers RJ, Zahl A, et al. Journal article Quinol-containing ligands enable high superoxide dismutase activity by modulating coordination number, charge, oxidation states and stability of manganese complexes throughout redox cycling (2021) Senft L, Moore JL, Franke A, Fisher KR, Scheitler A, Zahl A, Puchta R, et al. Journal article Roadmap of Spin-Orbit Torques (2021) Shao Q, Li P, Liu L, Yang H, Fukami S, Razavi A, Wu H, et al. Journal article A Macrocyclic Ligand Framework That Improves Both the Stability and T1-Weighted MRI Response of Quinol-Containing H2O2Sensors (2021) Karbalaei S, Knecht E, Franke A, Zahl A, Saunders AC, Pokkuluri PR, Beyers RJ, et al. Journal article Adult attachment and testosterone reactivity: Fathers’ avoidance predicts changes in testosterone during the strange situation procedure (2019) Edelstein RS, Chin K, Saini EK, Kuo PX, Schultheiss O, Volling BL Journal article Switching between inner- and outer-sphere PCET mechanisms of small-molecule activation: Superoxide dismutation and oxygen/superoxide reduction reactivity deriving from the same manganese complex (2017) Kenkel I, Franke A, Dürr M, Zahl A, Dücker-Benfer C, Langer J, Filipovic M, et al. Journal article, Original article Adding a Second Quinol to a Redox-Responsive MRI Contrast Agent Improves Its Relaxivity Response to H2O2 (2017) Yu M, Ward MB, Franke A, Ambrose SL, Whaley ZL, Bradford TM, Gorden JD, et al. Journal article, Original article
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