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Report from the HarmoSter study: Different LC-MS/MS androstenedione, DHEAS and testosterone methods compare well; however, unifying calibration is a double-edged sword (2024) Fanelli F, Peitzsch M, Bruce S, Cantù M, Temchenko A, Mezzullo M, Lindner JM, et al. Journal article Transformer-based biomarker prediction from colorectal cancer histology: A large-scale multicentric study (2023) Wagner SJ, Reisenbüchler D, West NP, Niehues JM, Zhu J, Foersch S, Veldhuizen GP, et al. Journal article Effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on surgery for indeterminate thyroid nodules (THYCOVID): a retrospective, international, multicentre, cross-sectional study (2023) Medas F, Dobrinja C, Al-Suhaimi EA, Altmeier J, Anajar S, Arikan AE, Azaryan I, et al. Journal article Reproducibility of measurable residual disease detection by flow cytometry in acute myeloid leukemia (2022) Roehnert MA, Kramer M, Schadt J, Ensel P, Thiede C, Krause S, Buecklein V, et al. Conference contribution CODE-EHR best practice framework for the use of structured electronic healthcare records in clinical research (2022) Kotecha D, Asselbergs FW, Achenbach S, Anker SD, Atar D, Baigent C, Banerjee A, et al. Journal article Report from the HarmoSter study: impact of calibration on comparability of LC-MS/MS measurement of circulating cortisol, 17OH-progesterone and aldosterone (2022) Fanelli F, Cantu M, Temchenko A, Mezzullo M, Lindner JM, Peitzsch M, Hawley JM, et al. Journal article PICaSSO Histologic Remission Index (PHRI) in ulcerative colitis: development of a novel simplified histological score for monitoring mucosal healing and predicting clinical outcomes and its applicability in an artificial intelligence system (2022) Gui X, Bazarova A, Del Amor R, De Hertogh G, Villanacci V, Zardo D, Parigi TL, et al. Journal article Risk factors and outcomes associated with recurrent autoimmune hepatitis following liver transplantation (2022) Montano-Loza AJ, Ronca V, Ebadi M, Hansen BE, Hirschfield G, Elwir S, Alsaed M, et al. Journal article The first virtual chromoendoscopy artificial intelligence system to detect endoscopic and histologic remission in Ulcerative Colitis (2022) Iacucci M, Cannatelli R, Parigi TL, Buda A, Labarile N, Nardone OM, Tontini GE, et al. Conference contribution A new simplified histology artificial intelligence system for accurate assessment of remission in Ulcerative Colitis (2022) Villanacci V, Parigi TL, Del Amor R, Esbri PM, Gui X, Bazarova A, Bhandari P, et al. Conference contribution
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