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Mesoscopic Structure of Lipid Nanoparticle Formulations for mRNA Drug Delivery: Comirnaty and Drug-Free Dispersions (2024) Unruh T, Götz K, Vogel C, Fröhlich E, Scheurer A, Porcar L, Steiniger F Journal article Controlling the Morphology in Electrostatic Self-Assembly via Light (2024) Agarwal M, Zika A, Schweins R, Gröhn F Journal article The H-D-isotope effect of heavy water affecting ligand-mediated nanoparticle formation in SANS and NMR experiments (2023) Krauss SW, Eckardt M, Will J, Spiecker E, Siegel R, Dulle M, Schweins R, et al. Journal article Direct interpretation of the X-ray and neutron three-dimensional difference pair distribution functions (3D-ΔPDFs) of yttria-stabilized zirconia (2023) Schmidt EM, Neder R, Martin JD, Minelli A, Lemée MH, Goodwin AL Journal article Unconventional Spin State Driven Spontaneous Magnetization in a Praseodymium Iron Antimonide (2023) Pabst F, Palazzese S, Seewald F, Yamamoto S, Gorbunov D, Chattopadhyay S, Herrmannsdoerfer T, et al. Journal article Photoacid-macroion assemblies: how photo-excitation switches the size of nano-objects (2023) Zika A, Agarwal M, Zika W, Guldi DM, Schweins R, Gröhn F Journal article Joining Two Switches in One Nano-Object: Photoacidity and Photoisomerization in Electrostatic Self-Assembly (2022) Zika A, Agarwal M, Schweins R, Gröhn F Journal article Positron accumulation in the GBAR experiment (2022) Blumer P, Charlton M, Chung M, Clade P, Comini P, Crivelli P, Dalkarov O, et al. Journal article Hybrid Bloch-Néel spiral states in Mn1.4PtSn probed by resonant soft x-ray scattering (2022) Sukhanov AS, Ukleev V, Vir P, Gargiani P, Valvidares M, White JS, Felser C, Inosov DS Journal article DFT exchange: sharing perspectives on the workhorse of quantum chemistry and materials science (2022) Teale AM, Helgaker T, Savin A, Adamo C, Aradi B, Arbuznikov A, Ayers PW, et al. Journal article