National Centre for Nuclear Research (früher:Institute of Atomic Energy POLATOM & Andrzej Sołtan Institute for Nuclear Studies) / Narodowe Centrum Badań Jądrowych (NCBJ)

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Location: Warschau / Warsaw, Poland (PL) PL

ISNI: 0000000109410848


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Developments and results in the context of the JEM-EUSO program obtained with the ESAF simulation and analysis framework (2023) Abe S, Adams JH, Allard D, Alldredge P, Anchordoqui L, Anzalone A, Arnone E, et al. Journal article A Review of the EUSO-Balloon Pathfinder for the JEM-EUSO Program (2022) Adams JH, Ahmad S, Allard D, Anzalone A, Bacholle S, Barrillon P, Bayer J, et al. Journal article, Review article Meeting the challenge of Open Science in KM3NeT (2021) Schnabel J, Kalaczyński P, Bozza C, Gál T Journal article A pulsed high-voltage decelerator system to deliver low-energy antiprotons (2021) Husson A, Kim BH, Welker A, Charlton M, Choi JJ, Chung M, Clade P, et al. Journal article Positron production using a 9 MeV electron linac for the GBAR experiment (2021) Charlton M, Choi JJ, Chung M, Clade P, Comini P, Crepin PP, Crivelli P, et al. Journal article Azimuthal single- and double-spin asymmetries in semi-inclusive deep-inelastic lepton scattering by transversely polarized protons (2020) Airapetian A, Akopov N, Akopov Z, Aschenauer EC, Augustyniak W, Avakian R, Bacchetta A, et al. Journal article Future of nuclear fission theory (2020) Bender M, Bernard R, Bertsch G, Chiba S, Dobaczewski J, Dubray N, Giuliani SA, et al. Journal article, Review article Search for the eta mesic He-3 in the pd -> dp pi(0) reaction with the WASA-at-COSY facility (2020) Adlarson P, Augustyniak W, Bashkanov M, Bass SD, Bergmann FS, Berlowski M, Bondar A, et al. Journal article Differential cross sections for neutron-proton scattering in the region of the d* (2380) dibaryon resonance (2020) Adlarson P, Augustyniak W, Bardan W, Bashkanov M, Bergmann FS, Berlowski M, Bhatt H, et al. Journal article, Original article Accurate Treatment of Comptonization in X-Ray Illuminated Accretion Disks (2020) Garcia JA, Sokolova-Lapa E, Dauser T, Madej J, Rozanska A, Majczyna A, Harrison FA, Wilms J Journal article
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