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TELAMON: Effelsberg monitoring of AGN jets with very-high-energy astroparticle emission: I. Program description and sample characterization (2024) Eppel F, Kadler M, Hea-Dörfer J, Benke P, Debbrecht L, Eich J, Gokus A, et al. Journal article Monte-carlo simulation of the effective lunar aperture for detection of ultra-high energy neutrinos with LOFAR (2023) Krampah GK, Buitink S, Bray JD, Corstanje A, Desmet M, Falcke H, Hare BM, et al. Journal article The NuMoon Experiment: Preliminary results and upper limits on UHE particles (2023) Krampah GK, Buitink S, Bhavani J, Desmet M, Corstanje A, Falcke H, Hare BM, et al. Conference contribution A VLBI investigation of high-energy neutrino emitter candidates (2023) Nanci C, Giroletti M, Orienti M, Migliori G, Moldón J, Garrappa S, Kadler M, et al. Conference contribution A MeerKAT, e-MERLIN, HESS, and Swift search for persistent and transient emission associated with three localized FRBs (2022) Chibueze JO, Caleb M, Spitler L, Ashkar H, Schussler F, Stappers BW, Venter C, et al. Journal article An ALMA Study of the Massive Molecular Clump N159W-North in the Large Magellanic Cloud: A Possible Gas Flow Penetrating One of the Most Massive Protocluster Systems in the Local Group (2022) Tokuda K, Minami T, Fukui Y, Inoue T, Nishioka T, Tsuge K, Zahorecz S, et al. Journal article A gamma-ray pulsar timing array constrains the nanohertz gravitational wave background (2022) Ajello M, Atwood WB, Baldini L, Ballet J, Barbiellini G, Bastieri D, Bellazzini R, et al. Journal article The Relationship of Lightning Radio Pulse Amplitudes and Source Altitudes as Observed by LOFAR (2022) Machado JGO, Hare BM, Scholten O, Buitink S, Corstanje A, Falcke H, Horandel JR, et al. Journal article Results on mass composition of cosmic rays as measured with LOFAR (2022) Corstanje A, Buitink S, Falcke H, Hare BM, Hörandel JR, Huege T, Krampah GK, et al. Conference contribution Performance of SKA as an air shower observatory (2022) Buitink S, Corstanje A, Falcke H, Hare BM, Hörandel JR, Huege T, James CW, et al. Conference contribution