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Flares after COVID-19 infection in patients with idiopathic inflammatory myopathies: results from the COVAD study (2023) Ali SS, Naveen R, Sen P, Day J, Joshi M, Nune A, Nikiphorou E, et al. Journal article Vaccine hesitancy decreases in rheumatic diseases, long-term concerns remain in myositis: a comparative analysis of the COVAD surveys (2023) Sen P, Naveen R, Houshmand N, Kia SM, Joshi M, Saha S, Jagtap K, et al. Journal article Food-Induced Anaphylaxis: Data From the European Anaphylaxis Registry (2023) Dölle-Bierke S, Höfer V, Francuzik W, Näher AF, Bilo MB, Cichocka-Jarosz E, Lopes de Oliveira LC, et al. Journal article Burden of infectious disease studies in Europe and the United Kingdom: a review of methodological design choices (2023) Charalampous P, Haagsma JA, Jakobsen LS, Gorasso V, Noguer I, Padron-Monedero A, Sarmiento R, et al. Journal article, Review article Different phenotypes of drug-induced anaphylaxis-Data from the European Anaphylaxis Registry (2022) Hanschmann T, Francuzik W, Doelle-Bierke S, Hofmeier KS, Grabenhenrich L, Rueff F, Renaudin JM, et al. Journal article Levoketoconazole treatment in endogenous Cushing's syndrome: extended evaluation of clinical, biochemical, and radiologic outcomes (2022) Fleseriu M, Auchus RJ, Greenman Y, Zacharieva S, Geer EB, Salvatori R, Pivonello R, et al. Journal article Common trunk of the internal thoracic artery, inferior thyroid artery and thyrocervical trunk from the subclavian artery: a rare arterial variant (2022) Westrych K, Ruzik K, Zielinska N, Paulsen F, Georgiev GP, Olewnik L, Labetowicz P Journal article 2022 EULAR points to consider for remote care in rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (2022) De Thurah A, Bosch P, Marques A, Meissner Y, Mukhtyar CB, Knitza J, Najm A, et al. Journal article Serum autoantibody reactivity in bullous pemphigoid is associated with neuropsychiatric disorders and the use of antidiabetics and antipsychotics: a large, prospective cohort study (2022) Dikmen HO, Yilmaz K, Benoit S, Bernard P, Drenovska K, Gerdes S, Glaeser R, et al. Journal article Corticotroph tumor progression after bilateral adrenalectomy (Nelson's syndrome): systematic review and expert consensus recommendations (2021) Reincke M, Albani A, Assie G, Bancos I, Brue T, Buchfelder M, Chabre O, et al. Journal article, Review article
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