Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Zentrum für Material- und Küstenforschung GmbH (HZG)

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Location: Geesthacht, Germany (DE) DE

ISNI: 0000000405413699

ROR: https://ror.org/03qjp1d79

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MiniMelt: An instrument for real-time tracking of electron beam additive manufacturing using synchrotron x-ray techniques (2023) König HH, Semjatov N, Spartacus G, Bidola P, Ioannidou C, Ye J, Renner J, et al. Journal article Stability and Physical Properties of the L1(2)-gamma ' Phase in the CoNiAlTi-System (2023) Pyczak F, Liang Z, Neumeier S, Rao Z Journal article Characterization of Vapor Capillary Geometry in Laser Beam Welding of Copper with 515 nm and 1030 nm Laser Beam Sources by Means of In Situ Synchrotron X-ray Imaging (2023) Kaufmann F, Forster C, Hummel M, Olowinsky A, Beckmann F, Moosmann J, Roth S, Schmidt M Journal article Ediacaran Corumbella has a cataphract calcareous skeleton with controlled biomineralization (2022) Oses GL, Wood R, Romero GR, Evangelista Martins Prado GM, Bidola P, Herzen J, Pfeiffer F, et al. Journal article Cracking during High-Temperature Deformation of a High-Strength Polycrystalline CoNi-Base Superalloy (2022) Hausmann D, Freund L, Solis C, Giese S, Göken M, Gilles R, Neumeier S Journal article Single-exposure X-ray phase imaging microscopy with a grating interferometer (2022) Wolf A, Akstaller B, Cipiccia S, Flenner S, Hagemann J, Ludwig V, Meyer P, et al. Journal article High-Temperature CoNi-Based Superalloys Strengthened by γ′-(Ni,Co)3(Cr,Al,Ti,X): The Effect of Refractory Elements (2022) Liang Z, Paul JDH, Stark A, Bezold A, Neumeier S, Göken M, Pyczak F Journal article Three-dimensional imaging of xylem at cell wall level through near field nano holotomography (2021) Koddenberg T, Greving I, Hagemann J, Flenner S, Krause A, Laipple D, Klein KC, et al. Journal article Breaking the continuity of the Al2O3 oxide scale by additions of Cr in Co-Al-W-based superalloys (2021) Liang Z, Pyczak F, Stark A, Rao Z, Neumeier S, Göken M Journal article Influence of small amounts of Si and Cr on the high temperature oxidation behavior of novel cobalt base superalloys (2021) Liang Z, Göken M, Lorenz U, Neumeier S, Oehring M, Pyczak F, Stark A, Wang L Journal article