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The Forces Generated by Agonist Muscles during Isometric Contractions Arise from Motor Unit Synergies (2023) Del Vecchio A, Marconi Germer C, Kinfe TM, Nuccio S, Hug F, Eskofier B, Farina D, Enoka RM Journal article Perspective on “in the wild” movement analysis using machine learning (2023) Dorschky E, Camomilla V, Davis J, Federolf P, Reenalda J, Koelewijn A Journal article, Original article Sensorimotor integration is affected by acute whole-body vibration: a coherence study (2023) Lecce E, Nuccio S, Del Vecchio A, Conti A, Nicolò A, Sacchetti M, Felici F, Bazzucchi I Journal article Adjustments in the motor unit discharge behavior following neuromuscular electrical stimulation compared to voluntary contractions (2023) Borzuola R, Nuccio S, Scalia M, Parrella M, Del Vecchio A, Bazzucchi I, Felici F, Macaluso A Journal article Non-invasive estimation of muscle fibre size from high-density electromyography (2023) Casolo A, Maeo S, Balshaw TG, Lanza MB, Martin NRW, Nuccio S, Moro T, et al. Journal article The acute effects of whole-body vibration on motor unit recruitment and discharge properties (2023) Lecce E, Nuccio S, Del Vecchio A, Conti A, Nicolo A, Sacchetti M, Felici F, Bazzucchi I Journal article Lack of increased rate of force development after strength training is explained by specific neural, not muscular, motor unit adaptations (2022) Del Vecchio A, Casolo A, Dideriksen JL, Aagaard P, Felici F, Falla D, Farina D Journal article Behavior of motor units during submaximal isometric contractions in chronically strength-trained individuals (2021) Casolo A, Del Vecchio A, Balshaw TG, Maeo S, Lanza MB, Felici F, Folland JP, Farina D Journal article Surface EMG cross talk quantified at the motor unit population level for muscles of the hand, thigh, and calf (2021) Germer CM, Farina D, Elias LA, Nuccio S, Hug F, Del Vecchio A Journal article Analysis of motor unit spike trains estimated from high-density surface electromyography is highly reliable across operators (2021) Hug F, Avrillon S, Del Vecchio A, Casolo A, Ibanez J, Nuccio S, Rossato J, et al. Journal article
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