Perspective on “in the wild” movement analysis using machine learning

Dorschky E, Camomilla V, Davis J, Federolf P, Reenalda J, Koelewijn A (2023)

Publication Type: Journal article, Original article

Publication year: 2023


Book Volume: 87

Article Number: 103042

DOI: 10.1016/j.humov.2022.103042


Recent advances in wearable sensing and machine learning have created ample opportunities for “in the wild” movement analysis in sports, since the combination of both enables real-time feedback to be provided to athletes and coaches, as well as long-term monitoring of movements. The potential for real-time feedback is useful for performance enhancement or technique analysis, and can be achieved by training efficient models and implementing them on dedicated hardware. Long-term monitoring of movement can be used for injury prevention, among others. Such applications are often enabled by training a machine learned model from large datasets that have been collected using wearable sensors. Therefore, in this perspective paper, we provide an overview of approaches for studies that aim to analyze sports movement “in the wild” using wearable sensors and machine learning. First, we discuss how a measurement protocol can be set up by answering six questions. Then, we discuss the benefits and pitfalls and provide recommendations for effective training of machine learning models from movement data, focusing on data pre-processing, feature calculation, and model selection and tuning. Finally, we highlight two application domains where “in the wild” data recording was combined with machine learning for injury prevention and technique analysis, respectively.

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Dorschky, E., Camomilla, V., Davis, J., Federolf, P., Reenalda, J., & Koelewijn, A. (2023). Perspective on “in the wild” movement analysis using machine learning. Human Movement Science, 87.


Dorschky, Eva, et al. "Perspective on “in the wild” movement analysis using machine learning." Human Movement Science 87 (2023).

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