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Location: Riverside, CA / Palm Desert, CA, United States (USA) (US) US

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Challenges and directions in analytical paleobiology (2023) Dillon E, Dunne E, Womack T, Kouvari M, Larina E, Claytor JR, Ivkić A, et al. Journal article Quantitative assessment of visual microscopy as a tool for microplastic research: Recommendations for improving methods and reporting (2022) Kotar S, Mcneish R, Murphy-Hagan C, Renick V, Lee CFT, Steele C, Lusher A, et al. Journal article A NuSTAR and Swift view of the hard state of MAXI J1813-095 (2022) Jiang J, Buisson DJK, Dauser T, Fabian AC, Furst F, Gallo LC, Harrison FA, et al. Journal article Quantum memory at an eigenstate phase transition in a weakly chaotic model (2022) Lambert MR, Tsai SW, Kelly SP Journal article Attachment goes to court: Child protection and custody issues El Apego Va a Juicio: Problemas de Custodia y Protección Infantil (2022) Forslund T, Granqvist P, Van Ijzendoorn MH, Sagi-Schwartz A, Glaser D, Steele M, Hammarlund M, et al. Journal article Roadmap on Spin-Wave Computing (2022) Chumak AV, Kabos P, Wu M, Abert C, Adelmann C, Adeyeye A, Akerman J, et al. Journal article Stroboscopic aliasing in long-range interacting quantum systems (2021) Kelly SP, Timmermans E, Marino J, Tsai SW Journal article Heterostructured materials: superior properties from hetero-zone interaction (2021) Zhu Y, Ameyama K, Anderson PM, Beyerlein IJ, Gao H, Kim HS, Lavernia E, et al. Journal article Critical Assessment of Analytical Methods for the Harmonized and Cost-Efficient Analysis of Microplastics (2020) Primpke S, Christiansen SH, Cowger W, De Frond H, Deshpande A, Fischer M, Holland EB, et al. Journal article Critical Review of Processing and Classification Techniques for Images and Spectra in Microplastic Research (2020) Cowger W, Gray A, Christiansen SH, DeFrond H, Deshpande AD, Hemabessiere L, Lee E, et al. Journal article
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