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Thickness Variation of Conductive Polymer Coatings on Si Anodes for the Improved Cycling Stability in Full Pouch Cells (2024) Stehle P, Langer F, Vrankovic D, Anjass M Journal article Simulation-Based Investigation of the Heat Exchange Within a Partial Hot Stamping Process (2024) Reihani A, Badroosian D, Heibel S, Schweiker T, Merklein M Conference contribution GD-OES Investigations of Lithium-Ion Battery Graphite Anodes: Impact of Plasma Parameters and Electrode Properties (2023) Langer F, Utami A, Kirres J, Krämer E, Bachmann J Journal article Alternative solvents for Lithium-Nickel-Cobalt-Manganese-Oxide electrode fabrication for lithium-ion-cells (2023) Heim F, Langer F, Paulus A, Kreher T, Birke P Journal article RESET: Revisiting Trajectory Sets for Conditional Behavior Prediction (2023) Schmidt J, Huissel P, Wiederer J, Jordan J, Belagiannis V, Dietmayer K Conference contribution Examination of controlled thermal radiation exchange for the production of tailored properties on press-hardened components (2023) Reihani A, Heibel S, Schweiker T, Merklein M Conference contribution Experimental investigations on current and temperature imbalances among parallel-connected lithium-ion cells at different thermal conditions (2022) Fill A, Mader T, Schmidt T, Avdyli A, Kopp M, Birke KP Journal article Influence of the forming process on springback (2022) Durmaz U, Heibel S, Schweiker T, Prabhakar A, Merklein M Conference contribution Self-Supervised 3D Human Pose Estimation with Multiple-View Geometry (2021) Bouazizi A, Wiederer J, Kressel U, Belagiannis V Conference contribution Learning Temporal 3D Human Pose Estimation with Pseudo-Labels (2021) Bouazizi A, Kressel U, Belagiannis V Conference contribution
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