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Location: Stillwater, OK, United States (USA) (US) US

ISNI: 0000000107217331

ROR: https://ror.org/01g9vbr38

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“So what if ChatGPT wrote it?” Multidisciplinary perspectives on opportunities, challenges and implications of generative conversational AI for research, practice and policy (2023) Dwivedi YK, Kshetri N, Hughes L, Slade EL, Jeyaraj A, Kar AK, Baabdullah AM, et al. Journal article Explainable AI for Operational Research: A defining framework, methods, applications, and a research agenda (2023) De Bock KW, Coussement K, Caigny AD, Słowiński R, Baesens B, Boute RN, Choi TM, et al. Journal article Patients with COVID-19: in the dark-NETs of neutrophils (2021) Ackermann M, Anders HJ, Bilyy R, Bowlin GL, Daniel C, De Lorenzo R, Egeblad M, et al. Journal article, Review article Neutrophilia and NETopathy as Key Pathologic Drivers of Progressive Lung Impairment in Patients With COVID-19 (2020) Narasaraju T, Tang BM, Herrmann M, Muller S, Chow VT, Radic M Journal article Global endemics-area relationships of vascular plants (2019) Hobohm C, Janišová M, Steinbauer M, Landi S, Field R, Vanderplank S, Beierkuhnlein C, et al. Journal article Hyperradiance from collective behavior of coherently driven atoms (2017) Pleinert MO, von Zanthier J, Agarwal GS Journal article Porous magnesium-based scaffolds for tissue engineering (2017) Yazdimamaghani M, Razavi M, Vashaee D, Moharamzadeh K, Boccaccini AR, Tayebi L Journal article, Review article Superbunching and Nonclassicality as new Hallmarks of Superradiance (2015) Bhatti D, von Zanthier J, Agarwal GS Journal article Simulating superradiance from higher-order-intensity-correlation measurements: Single atoms (2015) Wiegner R, Oppel S, Bhatti D, von Zanthier J, Agarwal GS Journal article Complete three photon Hong-Ou-Mandel interference at a three port device (2015) Mährlein S, von Zanthier J, Agarwal GS Journal article
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