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Advancing Compilation of DNNs for FPGAs Using Operation Set Architectures (2023) Ringlein B, Abel F, Diamantopoulos D, Weiss B, Hagleitner C, Fey D Journal article DOSA: Organic Compilation for Neural Network Inference on Distributed FPGAs (2023) Ringlein B, Abel F, Diamantopoulos D, Weiss B, Hagleitner C, Fey D Conference contribution Direct implementation of a perceptron in superconducting circuit quantum hardware (2022) Pechal M, Roy F, Wilkinson S, Salis G, Werninghaus M, Hartmann M, Filipp S Journal article Sondheimer oscillations as a probe of non-ohmic flow in WP2 crystals (2021) Van Delft MR, Wang Y, Putzke C, Oswald J, Varnavides G, Garcia CAC, Guo C, et al. Journal article Adding Fairness to Order: Preventing Front-Running Attacks in BFT Protocols using TEEs (2021) Stathakopoulou C, Schwarz-Rüsch S, Brandenburger M, Vukolić M Conference contribution Nanoscopic Charge Fluctuations in a Gallium Phosphide Waveguide Measured by Single Molecules (2021) Shkarin A, Rattenbacher D, Renger J, Hönl S, Utikal T, Seidler P, Götzinger S, Sandoghdar V Journal article SoK: Game-Based Security Models for Group Key Exchange (2021) Poettering B, Rösler P, Schwenk J, Stebila D Conference contribution CP2K: An electronic structure and molecular dynamics software package -Quickstep: Efficient and accurate electronic structure calculations (2020) Kühne TD, Iannuzzi M, Del Ben M, Rybkin VV, Seewald P, Stein F, Laino T, et al. Journal article, Review article ZRLMPI: A Unified Programming Model for Reconfigurable Heterogeneous Computing Clusters (2020) Ringlein B, Abel F, Ditter A, Weiss B, Hagleitner C, Fey D Conference contribution Combiners for AEAD (2020) Poettering B, Rösler P Journal article
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