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Membrane to cortex attachment determines different mechanical phenotypes in LGR5+ and LGR5- colorectal cancer cells (2024) Conti S, Venturini V, Cañellas-Socias A, Cortina C, Abenza JF, Stephan-Otto Attolini C, Middendorp Guerra E, et al. Journal article Metrics reloaded: recommendations for image analysis validation (2024) Maier-Hein L, Reinke A, Godau P, Tizabi MD, Buettner F, Christodoulou E, Glocker B, et al. Journal article Non-apoptotic FAS signaling controls mTOR activation and extrafollicular maturation in human B cells (2024) Staniek J, Kalina T, Andrieux G, Boerries M, Janowska I, Fuentes M, Díez P, et al. Journal article Non-apoptotic FAS signaling controls CD40-dependent mTOR activation and balances extrafollicular versus germinal center fate in human B cells (2022) Staniek J, Kalina T, Andrieux G, Boerries M, Janowska I, Bakardjieva M, Lorenzetti R, et al. Conference contribution Single-cell RNA sequencing of motoneurons identifies regulators of synaptic wiring in Drosophila embryos (2022) Velten J, Gao X, Van Nierop Y Sanchez P, Domsch K, Agarwal R, Bognar L, Paulsen M, et al. Journal article Meconium Microbiome of Very Preterm Infants across Germany (2022) Klopp J, Ferretti P, Meyer CU, Hilbert K, Haiss A, Marissen J, Henneke P, et al. Journal article A faecal microbiota signature with high specificity for pancreatic cancer (2022) Kartal E, Schmidt TSB, Molina-Montes E, Rodriguez-Perales S, Wirbel J, Maistrenko OM, Akanni WA, et al. Journal article Metagenomic Identification of Microbial Signatures Predicting Pancreatic Cancer From a Multinational Study (2022) Nagata N, Nishijima S, Kojima Y, Hisada Y, Imbe K, Miyoshi-Akiyama T, Suda W, et al. Journal article Control of PD-L1 expression in CLL-cells by stromal triggering of the Notch-c-Myc-EZH2 oncogenic signaling axis (2021) Böttcher M, Bruns H, Lu J, Chartomatsidou E, Papakonstantinou N, Mentz K, Büttner-Herold M, et al. Conference contribution Siglec-H-Deficient Mice Show Enhanced Type I IFN Responses, but Do Not Develop Autoimmunity After Influenza or LCMV Infections (2021) Szumilas N, Corneth OB, Lehmann C, Schmitt H, Cunz S, Cullen JG, Chu T, et al. Journal article