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A comparative study of cystoid macula edema following glaucoma drainage device surgery versus trabeculectomy (2024) Gietzelt C, Koenig L, Adler W, Schaub F, Heindl LM, Cursiefen C, Dietlein TS, Enders P Journal article Immortalised murine R349P desmin knock-in myotubes exhibit a reduced proton leak and decreased ADP/ATP translocase levels in purified mitochondria (2024) Berwanger C, Terres D, Pesta D, Eggers B, Marcus K, Wittig I, Wiesner RJ, et al. Journal article Bounds on polarization problems on compact sets via mixed integer programming (2024) Rolfes J, Schüler R, Zimmermann M Journal article, Original article Evaluation of colour vision impairment during acute hypobaric hypoxia in aviation medicine: a randomized controlled trial (2024) Liebold F, Adler W, Jansen S, Klussmann JP, Meyer M, Nehrlich L, Schmitz J, et al. Journal article Loess formation and chronology at the Palaeolithic key site Rheindahlen, Lower Rhine Embayment, Germany (2024) Kehl M, Seeger K, Pötter S, Schulte P, Klasen N, Zickel M, Pastoors A, Claßen E Journal article PKD1L1 Is Involved in Congenital Chylothorax (2024) Whitchurch JB, Schneider S, Hilger AC, Köllges R, Stegmann JD, Waffenschmidt L, Dyer L, et al. Journal article A semidefinite programming hierarchy for covering problems in Discrete Geometry (2024) Riener C, Rolfes J, Vallentin F Unpublished / Preprint Shape polarization in the tin isotopes near N = 60 from precision g-factor measurements on short-lived 11/2− isomers (2023) Gray TJ, Stuchbery AE, Dobaczewski J, Blazhev A, Alshammari HA, Bignell LJ, Bonnard J, et al. Journal article City 5.0: Citizen involvement in the design of future cities (2023) Becker J, Chasin F, Rosemann M, Beverungen D, Priefer J, Brocke Jv, Matzner M, et al. Journal article IDH3γ functions as a redox switch regulating mitochondrial energy metabolism and contractility in the heart (2023) Nanadikar MS, Vergel Leon AM, Guo J, van Belle GJ, Jatho A, Philip ES, Brandner A, et al. Journal article