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Endodontic Tissue Regeneration: A Review for Tissue Engineers and Dentists (2023) Astudillo-Ortiz E, Babo PS, Sunde PT, Galler KM, Gomez-Florit M, Gomes ME Journal article, Review article Adult alcohol drinking and emotional tone are mediated by neutral sphingomyelinase during development in males (2022) Kalinichenko L, Mühle C, Jia T, Anderheiden F, Datz M, Eberle AL, Eulenburg V, et al. Journal article Osteogenic lithium-doped brushite cements for bone regeneration (2022) Hurle K, Maia FR, Ribeiro VP, Pina S, Oliveira JM, Götz-Neunhoeffer F, Reis RL Journal article Detection of the Faraday Chiral Anisotropy (2021) Caridad JM, Tserkezis C, Santos JE, Plochocka P, Venkatesan M, Coey JM, Mortensen NA, et al. Journal article In-vitro mechanical and biological evaluation of novel zirconia reinforced bioglass scaffolds for bone repair (2021) Gouveia PF, Mesquita-Guimarães J, Galárraga-Vinueza ME, Souza JC, Silva FS, Fredel MC, Boccaccini AR, et al. Journal article Polymorphisms within the TNFSF4 and mapkapk2 loci influence the risk of developing invasive aspergillosis: A two-stage case control study in the context of the aspbiomics consortium (2021) Sanchez-Maldonado JM, Moniz-Diez A, Ter Horst R, Campa D, Cabrera-Serrano AJ, Martinez-Bueno M, Garrido-Collado MDP, et al. Journal article Ion-doped Brushite Cements for Bone Regeneration (2021) Hurle K, Oliveira JM, Reis RL, Pina S, Götz-Neunhoeffer F Journal article, Review article Metabolic engineering strategies for butanol production in Escherichia coli (2020) Ferreira S, Pereira R, Wahl SA, Rocha I Journal article, Review article Host immune genetic variations influence the risk of developing acute myeloid leukaemia: results from the NuCLEAR consortium (2020) Sanchez-Maldonado JM, Campa D, Springer J, Badiola J, Niazi Y, Moniz-Diez A, Hernandez-Mohedo F, et al. Journal article Polymorphisms within the ARNT2 and CX3CR1 genes are associated with the risk of developing invasive aspergillosis (2020) Lupianez CB, Martinez-Bueno M, Sanchez-Maldonado JM, Badiola J, Cunha C, Springer J, Lackner M, et al. Journal article
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