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A comparative analysis of the cytocompatibility, protein adsorption, osteogenic and angiogenic properties of the 45S5- and S53P4-bioactive glass compositions (2024) Westhauser F, Arango Ospina M, Hupa L, Renkawitz T, Boccaccini AR, Kunisch E Journal article A comparative in vitro and in vivo analysis of the biological properties of the 45S5-, 1393-, and 0106-B1-bioactive glass compositions using human bone marrow-derived stromal cells and a rodent critical size femoral defect model (2023) Kunisch E, Fiehn LA, Saur M, Arango Ospina M, Merle C, Hagmann S, Stiller A, et al. Journal article Sugar acid production on gold nanoparticles in slurry reactor: Kinetics, solubility and modelling (2022) Worgul B, Freites Aguilera A, Vergat-Lemercier C, Eränen K, Simakova O, Held H, Freund H, et al. Journal article The 2021 flexible and printed electronics roadmap (2021) Bonnassieux Y, Brabec C, Cao Y, Carmichael TB, Chabinyc ML, Cheng KT, Cho G, et al. Journal article, Review article Influence of the replacement of silica by boron trioxide on the properties of bioactive glass scaffolds (2021) Schuhladen K, Pantulap U, Engel K, Jeleń P, Olejniczak Z, Hupa L, Sitarz M, Boccaccini AR Journal article Bioactive glass (Bg) icie16 shows promising osteogenic properties compared to crystallized 45s5-bg (2020) Westhauser F, Hohenbild F, Arango Ospina M, Schmitz SI, Wilkesmann S, Hupa L, Moghaddam A, Boccaccini AR Journal article Bioactivity and dissolution behavior of boron-containing bioactive glasses under static and dynamic conditions in different media (2019) Arango Ospina M, Hupa L, Boccaccini AR Journal article, Original article Bioactive dental materials-Do they exist and what does bioactivity mean? (2018) Vallittu PK, Boccaccini AR, Hupa L, Watts DC Journal article, Editorial Aqueous-phase reforming of alcohols with three carbon atoms on carbon-supported Pt (2018) Godina LI, Tokarev AV, Simakova IL, Mäki-Arvela P, Kortesmäki E, Gläsel J, Kronberg L, et al. Journal article Dissolution of borate and borosilicate bioactive glasses and the influence of ion (Zn, Cu) doping in different solutions (2018) Schuhladen K, Wang X, Hupa L, Boccaccini AR Journal article, Original article