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Environmental plastics in the context of UV radiation, climate change, and the Montreal Protocol (2024) Jansen MA, Andrady AL, Barnes PW, Busquets R, Revell LE, Bornman JF, Aucamp PJ, et al. Journal article The foundations of the Patagonian icefields (2024) Fürst J, Farías Barahona D, Blindow N, Casassa G, Gacitúa G, Koppes M, Lodolo E, et al. Journal article Response of lacustrine glacier dynamics to atmospheric forcing in the cordillera darwin (2024) Langhamer L, Sauter T, Temme F, Werner N, Heinze F, Arigony-Neto J, Gonzalez I, et al. Journal article Plastics in the environment in the context of UV radiation, climate change and the Montreal Protocol: UNEP Environmental Effects Assessment Panel, Update 2023 (2024) Jansen MA, Andrady AL, Bornman JF, Aucamp PJ, Bais AF, Banaszak AT, Barnes PW, et al. Journal article Tree-ring δ18Ocellulose variations in two Nothofagus species record large-scaleclimatic signals in the South American sector of the Southern Ocean (2023) Soto Rogel P, Aravena JC, Villalba R, Meier W, Grießinger J Journal article Strategies for regional modeling of surface mass balance at the Monte Sarmiento Massif, Tierra del Fuego (2023) Temme F, Farías Barahona D, Seehaus T, Janã R, Arigony-Neto J, Gonzalez I, Arndt A, et al. Journal article Two Nothofagus Species in Southernmost South America Are Recording Divergent Climate Signals (2022) Soto Rogel P, Carlos Aravena J, Villalba R, Bringas C, Meier W, Gonzalez-Reyes A, Grießinger J Journal article Attachment goes to court: Child protection and custody issues El Apego Va a Juicio: Problemas de Custodia y Protección Infantil (2022) Forslund T, Granqvist P, Van Ijzendoorn MH, Sagi-Schwartz A, Glaser D, Steele M, Hammarlund M, et al. Journal article Glacier inventory and recent variations of Santa Inés Icefield, Southern Patagonia (2022) Gurdiel I, Rada C, Malz P, Braun M, Casassa G Journal article Attachment goes to court: child protection and custody issues (2021) Forslund T, Granqvist P, van IJzendoorn MH, Sagi-Schwartz A, Glaser D, Steele M, Hammarlund M, et al. Journal article