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Effectiveness and User Perception of an In-Vehicle Voice Warning for Hypoglycemia: Development and Feasibility Trial (2024) Bérubé C, Lehmann VF, Maritsch M, Kraus M, Feuerriegel S, Wortmann F, Züger T, et al. Journal article Multimodal In-Vehicle Hypoglycemia Warning for Drivers With Type 1 Diabetes: Design and Evaluation in Simulated and Real-World Driving (2024) Bérubé C, Maritsch M, Lehmann VF, Kraus M, Feuerriegel S, Züger T, Wortmann F, et al. Journal article Broadly neutralizing SARS-CoV-2 antibodies through epitope-based selection from convalescent patients (2023) Rouet R, Henry JY, Johansen MD, Sobti M, Balachandran H, Langley DB, Walker GJ, et al. Journal article Plug-and-Play Multimaterial Chaotic Printing/Bioprinting to Produce Radial and Axial Micropatterns in Hydrogel Filaments (2023) Ceballos-González CF, Bolívar-Monsalve EJ, Quevedo-Moreno DA, Chávez-Madero C, Velásquez-Marín S, Lam-Aguilar LL, Solís-Pérez ÓE, et al. Journal article Extreme thermodynamics in nanolitre volumes through stimulated Brillouin–Mandelstam scattering (2023) Geilen A, Popp A, Das D, Junaid S, Poulton CG, Chemnitz M, Marquardt C, et al. Journal article Early transcriptional responses of bronchial epithelial cells to whole cigarette smoke mirror those of in-vivo exposed human bronchial mucosa (2022) Van Der Does AM, Mahbub RM, Ninaber DK, Rathnayake SNH, Timens W, Van Den Berge M, Aliee H, et al. Journal article Randomizing multi-product formulas for Hamiltonian simulation (2022) Faehrmann PK, Steudtner M, Kueng R, Kieferova M, Eisert J Journal article Thermodynamic Control of Nanoliter Volumes of CS2 via Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (2022) Geilen A, Popp A, Das D, Junaid S, Poulton C, Chemnitz M, Marquardt C, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Axial localization and tracking of self-interference nanoparticles by lateral point spread functions (2021) Liu Y, Zhou Z, Wang F, Kewes G, Wen S, Burger S, Wakiani ME, et al. Journal article Current smoking alters gene expression and DNA methylation in the nasal epithelium of patients with asthma (2021) Reddy KD, Lan A, Boudewijn IM, Rathnayake SNH, Koppelman GH, Aliee H, Theis F, et al. Journal article