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Location: Shanghai, China (CN) CN

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Network Design and Control: Shape and Topology Optimization for the Turnpike Property for the Wave Equation (2024) Gugat M, Sokolowski J, Sokolowski J, Qian M Journal article, Original article Topological derivative method for control of wave equation on networks (2023) Gugat M, Qian M, Sokolowski J Conference contribution The Medical Segmentation Decathlon (2022) Antonelli M, Reinke A, Bakas S, Farahani K, Kopp-Schneider A, Landman BA, Litjens G, et al. Journal article Quantitative assessment of visual microscopy as a tool for microplastic research: Recommendations for improving methods and reporting (2022) Kotar S, Mcneish R, Murphy-Hagan C, Renick V, Lee CFT, Steele C, Lusher A, et al. Journal article Tracial approximate divisibility and stable rank one (2022) Fu X, Li K, Lin H Journal article The contribution of insects to global forest deadwood decomposition (2021) Seibold S, Rammer W, Hothorn T, Seidl R, Ulyshen MD, Lorz J, Cadotte MW, et al. Journal article System controls of coastal and open ocean oxygen depletion (2021) Pitcher GC, Aguirre-Velarde A, Breitburg D, Cardich J, Carstensen J, Conley DJ, Dewitte B, et al. Journal article, Review article 早期统计学家传略分册 (2020) Bréard A, Wang 王 Y幼, Hu 胡 X小 Edited Volume Roadmap on quantum light spectroscopy (2020) Mukamel S, Freyberger M, Schleich W, Bellini M, Zavatta A, Leuchs G, Silberhorn C, et al. Journal article, Review article Interfacial Approach toward Benzene-Bridged Polypyrrole Film–Based Micro-Supercapacitors with Ultrahigh Volumetric Power Density (2020) Jiang K, Baburin IA, Han P, Yang C, Fu X, Yao Y, Li J, et al. Journal article