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Hotspots of cenozoic tropical marine biodiversity (2022) Yasuhara M, Huang HHM, Reuter M, Tian SY, Cybulski JD, O'Dea A, Mamo BL, et al. Authored book A Late Devonian actinopterygian suggests high lineage survivorship across the end-Devonian mass extinction (2022) Giles S, Feilich K, Warnock R, Pierce SE, Friedman M Journal article Genesis of the Florida Canyon Nonsulfide Zn Ores (Northern Peru): New Insights Into the Supergene Mineralizing Events of the Bongará District (2022) Chirico R, Mondillo N, Boni M, Joachimski M, Ambrosino M, Buret Y, Mormone A, et al. Journal article Mechanisms of dermal bone repair after predatory attack in the giant stem-group teleost Leedsichthys problematicus Woodward, 1889a (Pachycormiformes) (2022) Johanson Z, Liston J, Davesne D, Challands T, Smith MM Journal article Paleozoic origins of cheilostome bryozoans and their parental care inferred by a new genome-skimmed phylogeny (2022) Orr RJ, Martino ED, Ramsfjell MH, Gordon DP, Berning B, Chowdhury I, Craig S, et al. Journal article Keratose sponges in ancient carbonates – A problem of interpretation (2022) Neuweiler F, Kershaw S, Boulvain F, Matysik M, Sendino C, McMenamin M, Munnecke A Journal article Scleromochlus and the early evolution of Pterosauromorpha (2022) Foffa D, Dunne E, Nesbitt SJ, Butler RJ, Fraser NC, Brusatte SL, Farnsworth A, et al. Journal article Bivalve Mollusks as Hosts in the Fossil Record (2021) Huntley JW, de Baets K, Scarponi D, Linehan LC, Epa YR, Jacobs GS, Todd JA Book chapter / Article in edited volumes The impact of the Pliensbachian–Toarcian crisis on belemnite assemblages and size distribution (2021) de Baets K, Nätscher P, Rita P, Fara E, Neige P, Bardin J, Dera G, et al. Journal article, Original article Fossil Constraints on the Timescale of Parasitic Helminth Evolution (2021) de Baets K, Dentzien-Dias P, Harrison GWM, Littlewood DTJ, Parry LA Book chapter / Article in edited volumes
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