Ural Federal University B.N. Yeltsin

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Location: Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation (RU) RU

ISNI: 000000040645736X

ROR: https://ror.org/00hs7dr46

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OCTDL: Optical Coherence Tomography Dataset for Image-Based Deep Learning Methods (2024) Kulyabin M, Zhdanov A, Nikiforova A, Stepichev A, Kuznetsova A, Ronkin M, Borisov V, et al. Journal article, Original article Attention to the Electroretinogram: Gated Multilayer Perceptron for ASD Classification (2024) Kulyabin M, Constable P, Zhdanov A, Lee I, Thompson DA, Maier A Journal article, Original article Enhancing Electroretinogram Classification with Multi-Wavelet Analysis and Visual Transformer (2023) Kulyabin M, Zhdanov A, Dolganov A, Ronkin M, Borisov V, Maier A Journal article, Online publication Optimal Combination of Mother Wavelet and AI Model for Precise Classification of Pediatric Electroretinogram Signals (2023) Kulyabin M, Zhdanov A, Dolganov A, Maier A Journal article, Online publication OculusGraphy: Signal Analysis of the Electroretinogram in a Rabbit Model of Endophthalmitis Using Discrete and Continuous Wavelet Transforms (2023) Zhdanov A, Constable P, Manjur SM, Dolganov A, Posada-Quintero HF, Lizunov A Journal article OculusGraphy: Description and Time Domain Analysis of Full-Field Electroretinograms Database (2023) Albasu FB, Dey S, Dolganov AY, Hamzaoui OE, Mustafa WM, Zhdanov AE Conference contribution Evaluation of the effectiveness of the decision support algorithm for physicians in retinal dystrophy using machine learning methods (2023) Zhdanov AE, Dolganov AY, Zanca D, Borisov VI, Luchian E, Dorosinsky LG Journal article Computational Approach for Respiratory Pressure Parameters in Neonatal Ventilation (2023) Lipchak D, Chupov A, Dolganov A, Zhdanov A Conference contribution Advanced Analysis of Electroretinograms Based on Wavelet Scalogram Processing (2022) Zhdanov A, Dolganov A, Zanca D, Borisov V, Ronkin M Journal article Solution-Processable Hole-Transporting Polymers: Synthesis, Doping Study and Crosslinking Induced by UV-Irradiation or Huisgen-Click Cycloaddition (2022) Caldera-Cruz E, Zhang K, Tsuda T, Tkachov R, Beryozkina T, Kiriy N, Voit B, Kiriy A Journal article
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