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Mobilise-D insights to estimate real-world walking speed in multiple conditions with a wearable device (2024) Kirk C, Küderle A, Micó-Amigo ME, Bonci T, Paraschiv-Ionescu A, Ullrich M, Soltani A, et al. Journal article Report from the HarmoSter study: Different LC-MS/MS androstenedione, DHEAS and testosterone methods compare well; however, unifying calibration is a double-edged sword (2024) Fanelli F, Peitzsch M, Bruce S, Cantù M, Temchenko A, Mezzullo M, Lindner JM, et al. Journal article Assessing real-world gait with digital technology? Validation, insights and recommendations from the Mobilise-D consortium (2023) Micó-Amigo ME, Bonci T, Paraschiv-Ionescu A, Ullrich M, Kirk C, Soltani A, Küderle A, et al. Journal article Mobility recorded by wearable devices and gold standards: the Mobilise-D procedure for data standardization (2023) Palmerini L, Reggi L, Bonci T, Del Din S, Micó-Amigo ME, Salis F, Bertuletti S, et al. Journal article Mott insulators with boundary zeros (2023) Wagner N, Crippa L, Amaricci A, Hansmann P, Klett M, König EJ, Schäfer T, et al. Journal article Dark State of the Thiele Hydrocarbon: Efficient Solvatochromic Emission from a Nonpolar Centrosymmetric Singlet Diradicaloid (2023) Punzi A, Dai Y, Dibenedetto CN, Mesto E, Schingaro E, Ullrich T, Striccoli M, et al. Journal article Strongly anisotropic spin and orbital Rashba effect at a tellurium - noble metal interface (2023) Geldiyev B, Ünzelmann M, Eck P, Kißlinger T, Schusser J, Figgemeier T, Kagerer P, et al. Journal article Laboratory and free-living gait performance in adults with COPD and healthy controls (2023) Buekers J, Megaritis D, Koch S, Alcock L, Ammour N, Becker C, Bertuletti S, et al. Journal article Physical and biological events across the Frasnian-Famennian boundary (Late Devonian) in continuous oxic carbonate successions in the western Tethys (Carnic Alps of Italy and Austria) (2023) Farabegoli E, Perri MC, Spalletta C, Joachimski M, Andrew A, Pondrelli M Journal article A VLBI investigation of high-energy neutrino emitter candidates (2023) Nanci C, Giroletti M, Orienti M, Migliori G, Moldón J, Garrappa S, Kadler M, et al. Conference contribution