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Altruism or egoism – How do game features motivate cooperation? An investigation into user we-intention and I-intention (2023) Riar M, Morschheuser B, Zarnekow R, Hamari J Journal article, Original article Exploring the Relationship Between Offline Cultural Environments and Toxic Behavior Tendencies in Multiplayer Online Games (2023) Kordyaka B, Park S, Krath J, Laato S Journal article Designing tailored gamification: A mixed-methods study on expert perspectives and user behavior in a gamified app for sustainability at work (2023) Kirchner-Krath J, Klock ACT, Morschheuser B, Park S, Legaki Z, von Korflesch HF, Hamari J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution AI-assisted learning with ChatGPT and large language models: Implications for higher education (2023) Laato S, Morschheuser B, Hamari J, Björne J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution How to increase sustainable engagement in the workplace through green IS: The role of instructional and motivational design features (2023) Krath J, Morschheuser B, von Korflesch HF, Hamari J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution A VERSATILE MODEL OF CARDIAC TISSUE FROM HIPSC-DERIVED CARDIOMYOCYTES WITHIN PERICARDIAL MATRIX HYDROGELS DOPED WITH HYDRAZIDE FUNCTIONALIZED MWCNTS FOR PHARMACEUTICAL SCREENING AND TISSUE ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS (2022) Roshanbinfar K, Oommen OP, Hilborn J, Engel F Conference contribution Understanding toxicity in multiplayer online games: The roles of national culture and demographic variables (2022) Kordyaka B, Krath J, Park S, Wesseloh H, Laato S Conference contribution Exploring the dark side of multiplayer online games: The relationship between contact experiences and sexism (2022) Kordyaka B, Krath J, Laato S, Park S, Jahn K, Niehaves B Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Multipolar analysis of second-harmonic generation in (111) Gallium Arsenide nanoparticles (2020) Volkovskaya I, Smirnova DA, Xu L, Sautter J, Miroshnichenko A, Lysevych M, Camacho-Morales R, et al. Conference contribution Carbon nanotube doped pericardial matrix derived electroconductive biohybrid hydrogel for cardiac tissue engineering (2019) Roshanbinfar K, Mohammadi Z, Sheikh-Mahdi Mesgar A, Dehghan MM, Oommen OP, Hilborn J, Engel F Journal article
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