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Location: Hof, Germany (DE) DE

ISNI: 0000000405662839

ROR: https://ror.org/04q5vv384

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Profiling with trust: system monitoring from trusted execution environments (2024) Eichler C, Röckl J, Jung B, Schlenk R, Müller T, Hönig T Journal article The weak point analysis as a method for measuring and improving organisational integrity (2024) Stark C, Morbach Y Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Clinical and immunological benefits of full primary COVID-19 vaccination in individuals with SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infections: A prospective cohort study in non-hospitalized adults (2024) Prelog M, Jeske SD, Asam C, Fuchs A, Wieser A, Gall C, Wytopil M, et al. Journal article Preliminary Studies and Prototypes for Machine Learning Based Evaluation of Surfers’ Performance on River Waves (2023) Zöllner M, Kniesburges S, Döllinger M, Gemeinhardt J, Krause M Conference contribution Towards an Empirical Study to Determine the Effectiveness of Support Systems against E-Mail Phishing Attacks (2023) Schiller K, Adamsky F, Benenson Z Conference contribution Veto: Prohibit Outdated Edge System Software from Booting (2023) Röckl J, Wagenhäuser A, Müller T Conference contribution Trusted Monitor: TEE-Based System Monitoring (2022) Jung B, Eichler C, Röckl J, Schlenk R, Hönig T, Müller T Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Compiler-Aided Development of Trusted Enclaves with Rust (2022) Dreissig F, Röckl J, Müller T Conference contribution VANDALIR: Vulnerability Analyses Based on Datalog and LLVM-IR (2022) Schilling J, Mueller T Conference contribution Evaluation of Mechanical Stress on Electronic Assemblies during Thermoforming and Injection Molding for Conformable Electronics (2021) Schirmer J, Reichenberger M, Wimmer A, Reichel H, Neermann S, Franke J Conference contribution