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Location: Bolzano (Bozen), Italy (IT) IT

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“So what if ChatGPT wrote it?” Multidisciplinary perspectives on opportunities, challenges and implications of generative conversational AI for research, practice and policy (2023) Dwivedi YK, Kshetri N, Hughes L, Slade EL, Jeyaraj A, Kar AK, Baabdullah AM, et al. Journal article Tree-Ring Isotopic Records Suggest Seasonal Importance of Moisture Dynamics Over Glacial Valleys of the Central Himalaya (2022) Singh N, Shekhar M, Parida BR, Gupta AK, Sain K, Rai SK, Bräuning A, et al. Journal article Enumerating dissimilar minimum cost perfect and error-correcting bipartite matchings for robust data matching (2022) Blumenthal DB, Bougleux S, Dignoes A, Gamper J Journal article Active Learning for Network Traffic Classification: A Technical Study (2022) Shahraki A, Abbasi M, Taherkordi A, Jurcut AD Journal article Querying Temporal Anomalies in Healthcare Information Systems and Beyond (2022) Khnaisser C, Hamrouni H, Blumenthal DB, Dignoes A, Gamper J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Scalable generalized median graph estimation and its manifold use in bioinformatics, clustering, classification, and indexing (2021) Blumenthal DB, Boria N, Bougleux S, Brun L, Gamper J, Gaüzère B Journal article Digital platform-based business models – An exploration of critical success factors (2021) Rohn D, Bican P, Brem A, Kraus S, Clauss T Journal article Upper Bounding Graph Edit Distance Based on Rings and Machine Learning (2021) Blumenthal DB, Gamper J, Bougleux S, Brun L Journal article Digitizing Grocery Retailing: The Role of Emerging Technologies in the Value Chain (2021) Weyer J, Tiberius V, Bican P, Kraus S Journal article On the exact computation of the graph edit distance (2020) Blumenthal DB, Gamper J Journal article
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