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Environmental plastics in the context of UV radiation, climate change, and the Montreal Protocol (2024) Jansen MA, Andrady AL, Barnes PW, Busquets R, Revell LE, Bornman JF, Aucamp PJ, et al. Journal article Plastics in the environment in the context of UV radiation, climate change and the Montreal Protocol: UNEP Environmental Effects Assessment Panel, Update 2023 (2024) Jansen MA, Andrady AL, Bornman JF, Aucamp PJ, Bais AF, Banaszak AT, Barnes PW, et al. Journal article Round robin test on angle of repose: DEM simulation results collected from 16 groups around the world (2023) Saomoto H, Kikkawa N, Moriguchi S, Nakata Y, Otsubo M, Angelidakis V, Cheng YP, et al. Journal article, Original article The response of aquatic ecosystems to the interactive effects of stratospheric ozone depletion, UV radiation, and climate change (2023) Neale PJ, Williamson CE, Banaszak AT, Häder DP, Hylander S, Ossola R, Rose KC, et al. Journal article Topological Metal MoP Nanowire for Interconnect (2023) Han HJ, Kumar S, Jin G, Ji X, Hart JL, Hynek DJ, Sam QP, et al. Journal article Growth Optimization and Device Integration of Narrow-Bandgap Graphene Nanoribbons (2022) Barin GB, Sun Q, Di Giovannantonio M, Du CZ, Wang XY, Llinas JP, Mutlu Z, et al. Journal article Generalized design principles for hydrodynamic electron transport in anisotropic metals (2022) Wang Y, Varnavides G, Sundararaman R, Anikeeva P, Gooth J, Felser C, Narang P Journal article AI-Based Reconstruction for Fast MRI-A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (2022) Chen Y, Schonlieb CB, Lio P, Leiner T, Dragotti PL, Wang G, Rueckert D, et al. Journal article, Review article Environmental effects of stratospheric ozone depletion, UV radiation, and interactions with climate change: UNEP Environmental Effects Assessment Panel, Update 2021 (2022) Barnes PW, Robson TM, Neale PJ, Williamson CE, Zepp RG, Madronich S, Wilson SR, et al. Journal article Event reconstruction in a liquid xenon Time Projection Chamber with an optically-open field cage (2021) Stiegler T, Sangiorgio S, Brodsky JP, Heffner M, Kharusi SA, Anton G, Arnquist IJ, et al. Journal article
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