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Comparison of the transcriptome, lipidome, and c-di-GMP production between BCGΔBCG1419c and BCG, with Mincle- and Myd88-dependent induction of proinflammatory cytokines in murine macrophages (2024) Flores-Valdez MA, Peterson EJ, Aceves-Sánchez MdJ, Baliga NS, Morita YS, Sparks IL, Saini DK, et al. Journal article 3D bioprinting of multifunctional alginate dialdehyde (ADA)–gelatin (GEL) (ADA-GEL) hydrogels incorporating ferulic acid (2024) Bider F, Miola M, Clejanu CE, Götzelmann J, Kuth S, Vernè E, Basu B, Boccaccini AR Journal article Plastics in the environment in the context of UV radiation, climate change and the Montreal Protocol: UNEP Environmental Effects Assessment Panel, Update 2023 (2024) Jansen MA, Andrady AL, Bornman JF, Aucamp PJ, Bais AF, Banaszak AT, Barnes PW, et al. Journal article Biomaterial strategies to combat implant infections: new perspectives to old challenges (2023) Braem A, Kamarudin NHN, Bhaskar N, Hadzhieva Z, Mele A, Soulie J, Linklater DP, et al. Journal article, Review article Dithienylethene-Based Single Molecular Photothermal Linear Actuator (2023) Rashid U, Chatir E, Medrano Sandonas L, Sreelakshmi PA, Dianat A, Gutierrez R, Cuniberti G, et al. Journal article Absorption lines from magnetically driven winds in X-ray binaries - II. High resolution observational signatures expected from future X-ray observatories (2023) Chakravorty S, Petrucci PO, Datta SR, Ferreira J, Wilms J, Jacquemin-Ide J, Clavel M, et al. Journal article Deep learning methods hold promise for light fluence compensation in three-dimensional optoacoustic imaging (2022) Madasamy A, Gujrati V, Ntziachristos V, Prakash J Journal article 3D mapping of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, hydroxyl radicals, and soot volume fraction in sooting flames using FRAME technique (2021) Chorey D, Kögl M, Boggavarapu P, Bauer F, Zigan L, Will S, Ravikrishna RV, et al. Journal article Magnetic and electronic ordering phenomena in the Ru2 O6 -layer honeycomb lattice compound AgRuO3 (2021) Schnelle W, Prasad BE, Felser C, Jansen M, Komleva EV, Streltsov SV, Mazin II, et al. Journal article Results from the Ice Thickness Models Intercomparison eXperiment Phase 2 (ITMIX2) (2021) Farinotti D, Brinkerhoff DJ, Fürst J, Gantayat P, Gillet-Chaulet F, Huss M, Leclercq PW, et al. Journal article
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