Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH)

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Location: Izmir, Turkey (TR) TR

ISNI: 000000009261240X

ROR: https://ror.org/03stptj97

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3D bioprinting of mouse pre-osteoblasts and human MSCs using bioinks consisting of gelatin and decellularized bone particles (2024) Kara Özenler A, Distler T, Akkineni AR, Tihminlioglu F, Gelinsky M, Boccaccini AR Journal article The Soft Nanodots as Fluorescent Probes for Cell Imaging: Analysis of Cell and Spheroid Penetration Behavior of Single Chain Polymer Dots (2024) Yücel M, Onbas R, Arslan Yildiz A, Yildiz UH Journal article Fish scale containing alginate dialdehyde-gelatin bioink for bone tissue engineering (2023) Kara Özenler A, Distler T, Tihminlioglu F, Boccaccini AR Journal article Natural and synthetic nanovectors for cancer therapy (2023) Eftekhari A, Kryschi C, Pamies D, Gulec S, Ahmadian E, Janas D, Davaran S, Khalilov R Journal article, Review article Indirect exchange interaction in two-dimensional materials with quartic dispersion (2022) Canbolat AU, Sevincli H, Cakir O Journal article 3D printed gelatin/decellularized bone composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering: Fabrication, characterization and cytocompatibility study (2022) Kara A, Distler T, Polley C, Schneidereit D, Seitz H, Friedrich O, Tihminlioglu F, Boccaccini AR Journal article, Original article Electroactive Nanogel Formation by Reactive Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Polyester and Branched Polyethylenimine via Aza-Michael Addition (2021) Yildirimkaraman O, Özenler S, Gunay US, Durmaz H, Ylldlz ÜH Journal article Green function, quasi-classical Langevin and Kubo-Greenwood methods in quantum thermal transport (2019) Sevincli H, Roche S, Cuniberti G, Brandbyge M, Gutierrez R, Sandonas LM Journal article, Review article First-Principle-Based Phonon Transport Properties of Nanoscale Graphene Grain Boundaries (2018) Sandonas LM, Sevincli H, Gutierrez R, Cuniberti G Journal article Quantum interference in thermoelectric molecular junctions: A toy model perspective (2014) Nozaki D, Avdoshenko SM, Sevincli H, Cuniberti G Journal article