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Search for decoherence from quantum gravity with atmospheric neutrinos (2024) Abbasi R, Ackermann M, Adams J, Agarwalla SK, Aguilar JA, Ahlers M, Alameddine JM, et al. Journal article Vaccine hesitancy decreases in rheumatic diseases, long-term concerns remain in myositis: a comparative analysis of the COVAD surveys (2023) Sen P, Naveen R, Houshmand N, Kia SM, Joshi M, Saha S, Jagtap K, et al. Journal article Robotic colorectal surgery: quality assessment of patient information available on the internet using webscraping (2023) Taha A, Taha-Mehlitz S, Bach L, Ochs V, Bardakcioglu O, Honaker MD, Cattin PC Journal article Effect of the Precursor Chemistry on the Crystallization of Triple Cation Mixed Halide Perovskites (2023) Singh M, Abdelsamie M, Li Q, Kodalle T, Lee DK, Arnold S, Ceratti DR, et al. Journal article Clinical Trial Design Principles and Outcomes Definitions for Device-Based Therapies for Hypertension: A Consensus Document From the Hypertension Academic Research Consortium (2022) Kandzari DE, Mahfoud F, Weber MA, Townsend R, Parati G, Fisher NDL, Lobo MD, et al. Journal article Consensus statement: Standardized reporting of power-producing luminescent solar concentrator performance (2022) Yang C, Atwater HA, Baldo MA, Baran D, Barile CJ, Barr MC, Bates M, et al. Journal article, Editorial Changes in blood pressure after crossover to ultrasound renal denervation in patients initially treated with sham in the RADIANCE-HTN SOLO trial (2021) Mahfoud F, Bloch MJ, Azizi M, Wang Y, Schmieder R, Lobo MD, Sharp ASP, et al. Journal article Spectral and Timing Analysis of NuSTAR and Swift/XRT Observations of the X-Ray Transient MAXI J0637-430 (2021) Lazar H, Tomsick JA, Pike SN, Bachetti M, Buisson DJK, Connors RMT, Fabian AC, et al. Journal article Ultrasound renal denervation for hypertension resistant to a triple medication pill (RADIANCE-HTN TRIO): a randomised, multicentre, single-blind, sham-controlled trial (2021) Azizi M, Sanghvi K, Saxena M, Gosse P, Reilly JP, Levy T, Rump LC, et al. Journal article Simultaneous NICER and NuSTAR observations of the ultracompact x-ray binary 4u 1543-624 (2021) Ludlam RM, Jaodand AD, Garcia J, Degenaar N, Tomsick JA, Cackett EM, Fabian AC, et al. Journal article
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