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Location: Kaiserslautern (head quarters), Germany (DE) DE

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Joint Radar and Communications: Architectures, Use Cases, Aspects of Radio Access, Signal Processing, and Hardware (2024) Shatov V, Nuß B, Schieler S, Bishoyi P, Wimmer L, Lübke M, Keshtiarast N, et al. Journal article Enabling Mobility-Oriented JCAS in 6G Networks: An Architecture Proposal (2024) Rosemann P, Partani S, Miranda M, Mähn J, Karrenbauer M, Meli W, Hernangómez R, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Developing Team Design Patterns for Hybrid Intelligence Systems (2023) Van Zoelen E, Mioch T, Tajaddini M, Fleiner C, Tsaneva S, Camin P, Gouvêa TS, et al. Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Prospektive Untersuchung der Auswirkungen von Künstlicher Intelligenz auf Shared Decision Making nach Nierentransplantationen (2023) Eickmann S, Sassi Z, Samhammer D, Tretter M, Budde K, Osmanodja B, Möller S, et al. Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Klinische Entscheidungsfindung mit Künstlicher Intelligenz - Ein interdisziplinärer Governance-Ansatz (2023) Samhammer D, Beck S, Budde K, Burchardt A, Faber M, Gerndt S, Möller S, et al. Authored book Hexad-12: Developing and Validating a Short Version of the Gamification User Types Hexad Scale (2023) Krath J, Altmeyer M, Tondello GF, Nacke LE Conference contribution When performance is not enough-A multidisciplinary view on clinical decision support (2023) Roller R, Burchardt A, Samhammer D, Ronicke S, Duettmann W, Schmeier S, Möller S, et al. Journal article "Nothing works without the doctor:" Physicians' perception of clinical decision-making and artificial intelligence (2022) Samhammer D, Roller R, Hummel P, Osmanodja B, Burchardt A, Mayrdorfer M, Duettmann W, Dabrock P Journal article Evaluation of a clinical decision support system for detection of patients at risk after kidney transplantation (2022) Roller R, Mayrdorfer M, Duettmann W, Naik MG, Schmidt D, Halleck F, Hummel P, et al. Journal article What's on your mind? A Mental and Perceptual Load Estimation Framework towards Adaptive In-vehicle Interaction while Driving (2022) Gomaa A, Alles A, Meiser E, Rupp LH, Molz M, Reyes G Conference contribution