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Electroretinographic responses to luminance and cone-isolating white noise stimuli in macaques (2022) Kremers J, Aher A, Parry NRA, Patel NB, Frishman LJ Journal article ERG signals elicited by temporal white noise in macaques (2022) Kremers J, Aher A, Parry N, Patel NB, Frishman LJ Conference contribution Building a testable shear viscosity across the QCD phase diagram (2022) Mclaughlin E, Rose J, Dore T, Parotto P, Ratti C, Noronha-Hostler J Journal article Towards tellurium-free thermoelectric modules for power generation from low-grade heat (2021) Ying P, He R, Mao J, Zhang Q, Reith H, Sui J, Ren Z, et al. Journal article A TRIBUTE TO PROFESSOR ENRIQUE ZUAZUA ON HIS 60TH BIRTHDAY PREFACE (2021) Buttazzo G, Casas E, De Teresa L, Glowinski R, Leugering G, Trelat E, Zhang X Journal article, Editorial HIV-1 Viral Protein R Couples Metabolic Inflexibility With White Adipose Tissue Thermogenesis (2021) Agarwal N, Iyer D, Saha P, Cox AR, Xia Y, Utay NS, Somasundaram A, et al. Journal article Comparison of macaque and human L- and M-cone driven electroretinograms (2021) Kremers J, Aher A, Parry NR, Patel NB, Frishman LJ Journal article Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution by Cobalt Complexes with a Redox Non-Innocent Polypyridine Ligand (2021) Liu J, Liao RZ, Heinemann FW, Meyer K, Thummel RP, Zhang Y, Tong L Journal article Pressure and magnetic field effects on ferroelastic and antiferromagnetic orderings in honeycomb-lattice Mn2V2O7 (2020) Wu HC, Hsieh DJ, Yen TW, Sun PJ, Kakarla DC, Her JL, Matsuda YH, et al. Journal article Vortex Boundary Identification using Convolutional Neural Network (2020) Berenjkoub M, Chen G, Günther T Conference contribution, Conference Contribution
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