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Location: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom (GB) GB

ISNI: 0000000417640696

ROR: https://ror.org/05etxs293

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In situ electric field-dependent structural changes in (Ba,Ca)(Zr,Ti)O3 with varying grain size (2024) Kuhfuß M, Maier J, Hall DA, Xie B, Kleppe AK, Martin A, Kakimoto KI, et al. Journal article Orbital selective coupling in CeRh3 B2: Coexistence of high Curie and high Kondo temperatures (2023) Amorese A, Hansmann P, Marino A, Körner P, Willers T, Walters A, Zhou KJ, et al. Journal article Direct observation of the spin–orbit coupling effect in magnetic Weyl semimetal Co3Sn2S2 (2022) Liu DF, Liu EK, Xu QN, Shen JL, Li YW, Pei D, Liang AJ, et al. Journal article Megahertz-rate ultrafast X-ray scattering and holographic imaging at the European XFEL (2022) Hagstrom NZ, Schneider M, Kerber N, Yaroslavtsev A, Parra EB, Beg M, Lang M, et al. Journal article Single-exposure X-ray phase imaging microscopy with a grating interferometer (2022) Wolf A, Akstaller B, Cipiccia S, Flenner S, Hagemann J, Ludwig V, Meyer P, et al. Journal article Lithium-Directed Transformation of Amorphous Iridium (Oxy)hydroxides To Produce Active Water Oxidation Catalysts (2022) Esquius JR, Morgan DJ, Siller GA, Gianolio D, Aramini M, Lahn L, Kasian O, et al. Journal article Signatures of Weyl Fermion Annihilation in a Correlated Kagome Magnet (2021) Belopolski I, Cochran TA, Liu X, Cheng ZJ, Yang XP, Guguchia Z, Tsirkin SS, et al. Journal article Readout of an antiferromagnetic spintronics system by strong exchange coupling of Mn2Au and Permalloy (2021) Bommanaboyena SP, Backes D, Veiga LS, Dhesi SS, Niu YR, Sarpi B, Denneulin T, et al. Journal article Topological phase transition in a magnetic Weyl semimetal (2021) Liu DF, Xu QN, Liu EK, Shen JL, Le CC, Li YW, Pei D, et al. Journal article Observation of the critical state to multiple-type Dirac semimetal phases in KMgBi (2021) Liu DF, Wei LY, Le CC, Wang HY, Zhang X, Kumar N, Shekhar C, et al. Journal article