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Velocity variations and hydrological drainage at Baltoro Glacier, Pakistan (2024) Wendleder A, Bramboeck J, Izzard J, Erbertseder T, D'Angelo P, Schmitt A, Quincey DJ, et al. Journal article Reduced effective magnetization and damping by slowly relaxing impurities in strained γ -Fe2O3thin films (2022) Mueller M, Scheufele M, Gueckelhorn J, Flacke L, Weiler M, Huebl H, Gepraegs S, et al. Journal article Quantum optimal control in quantum technologies. Strategic report on current status, visions and goals for research in Europe (2022) Koch C, Boscain U, Calarco T, Dirr G, Filipp S, Glaser SJ, Kosloff R, et al. Journal article, Review article Optimal Broadband Frequency Conversion via a Magnetomechanical Transducer (2022) Engelhardt F, Bittencourt VASV, Huebl H, Klein O, Kusminskiy SV Journal article Spin-wave frequency combs (2022) Hula T, Schultheiss K, Goncalves FJT, Koerber L, Bejarano M, Copus M, Flacke L, et al. Journal article Accuracy of UAV Photogrammetry in Glacial and Periglacial Alpine Terrain: A Comparison With Airborne and Terrestrial Datasets (2022) Groos AR, Aeschbacher R, Fischer M, Kohler N, Mayer C, Senn-Rist A Journal article, Original article Magnetoelastic resonance as a probe for exchange springs at antiferromagnet-ferromagnet interfaces (2022) Seemann KM, Gomonay O, Mokrousov Y, Horner A, Valencia S, Klamser P, Kronast F, et al. Journal article Single shot i-Toffoli gate in dispersively coupled superconducting qubits (2022) Baker AJ, Huber GBP, Glaser NJ, Roy F, Tsitsilin I, Filipp S, Hartmann M Journal article Seasonal Evolution of Supraglacial Lakes on Baltoro Glacier From 2016 to 2020 (2021) Wendleder A, Schmitt A, Erbertseder T, D'Angelo P, Mayer C, Braun M Journal article, Review article Sub-50 nm wavelength spin waves excited by low-damping Co25Fe75nanowires (2021) Wang H, Flacke L, Wei W, Liu S, Jia H, Chen J, Sheng L, et al. Journal article