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Anthropogenic particle dispersions in topsoils of the Middle Nile Delta: a preliminary study on the contamination around industrial and commercial areas in Egypt (2016) Abu Khatita AM, de Wall H, Koch R Journal article, Original article Research on water–rock (soil) interaction by dynamic tracing method for Huangtupo landslide, Three Gorges Reservoir, PR China (2015) Jiang JW, Xiang W, Zeng W, Schleier M, Rohn J Journal article, Original article Assessment of geo-hazards in a rapidly changing landscape: the three Gorges Reservoir Region in China (2015) Strehmel A, Schoenbrodt-Stitt S, Buzzo G, Dumperth C, Stumpf F, Zimmermann K, Bieger K, et al. Journal article, Original article Quantification of groundwater-seawater interaction in a coastal sandy aquifer system: A study from Panama, Sri Lanka (2014) Chandrajith R, Chaturangani D, Abeykoon S, Barth J, van Geldern R, Edirisinghe EANV, Dissanayake CB Journal article Robust landslide susceptibility analysis by combination of frequency ratio, heuristic GIS-methods and ground truth evaluation for a mountainous study area with poor data availability in the Three Gorges Reservoir area, PR China (2014) Schleier M, Bi R, Ehret D, Xiang W, Rohn J Journal article, Original article Landslide susceptibility analysis based on ArcGIS and Artificial Neural Network for a large catchment in Three Gorges region, China (2014) Bi R, Schleier M, Ehret D, Xiang W, Rohn J Journal article, Original article Subsurface thermal conductivity assessment in Calabria (southern Italy): a regional case study (2014) Di Sipio E, Galgaro A, Destro E, Teza G, Chiesa S, Giaretta A, Manzella A Journal article, Original article Analyses of pre-injection reservoir data for stable carbon isotope trend predictions in CO 2 monitoring: Preparing for CO 2 injection (2012) Myrttinen A, Becker V, Nowak M, Zimmer M, Pilz P, Barth J Journal article Numerical Simulation of Qiaotou Landslide Deformation Caused by Drawdown of the Three Gorges Reservoir, China (2011) Jiang J, Ehret D, Xiang W, Rohn J, Huang L, Yan S, Bi R Journal article