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Groundwater in the Na’ur area, Jordan: movement and pollution under changes in landscape uses (2024) Alsawaeir D, Abu-Jaber N, Lücke A, Mayr C, Lucke B Journal article Pläner: a traditional building stone in Saxo-Bohemian Cretaceous and Münsterland Cretaceous Basin (2022) Lehr R Journal article Spatial and temporal variability in hydrochemistry of a small-scale dolomite karst environment (2019) Sheikhy Narany T, Bittner D, Disse M, Chiogna G Journal article Bulk density and water content-dependent electrical resistivity analyses of different soil classes on a laboratory scale (2018) Bertermann D, Schwarz H Journal article European project “Cheap-GSHPs”: installation and monitoring of newly designed helicoidal ground source heat exchanger on the German test site (2018) Bertermann D, Bernardi A, Pockelé L, Galgaro A, Cultrera M, de Carli M, Müller J Journal article Determination of ground thermal properties for energy piles by thermal response tests (2018) Luo J, Zhao H, Huang W, Zhu Y, Xiang W, Rohn J Journal article, Original article The relationship between the landslide frequency and hydrogeological aspects: a case study from a hilly region in Northern Bavaria (Germany) (2016) Wiedenmann J, Moser M, Rohn J Journal article, Original article Local-scale assessment of the displacement pattern of a densely populated landslide, utilizing finite element software and terrestrial radar interferometry: a case study on Huangtupo landslide (P.R. China) (2016) Dumperth C, Fleer A, Xiang W, Rohn J Journal article, Original article Determination of the thermal conductivity of sandstones from laboratory to field scale (2016) Luo J, Jia J, Zhao H, Zhu Y, Guo Q, Cheng C, Tan L, et al. Journal article, Original article Comparison of ground temperature response of energy pile and borehole heat exchanger during thermal response tests (2016) Luo J, Zhao H, Gui S, Xiang W, Rohn J Journal article